Monday, May 6, 2013


Thanks for not throwing things at me on Friday for lamely re-directing you to another post that explained how I was feeling - a quality post just wasn't going to happen.

Some things that did happen on Friday:

  • Scrambled and flustered practice-round presentation

  • A slap in my own face for revealing how scrambled I felt to my team and manager

  • Twenty minutes to myself to get game-time ready

  • A solid, composed and confident presentation when it counted.

  • A celebration patio beer with the team Except they got lunch too

  • A surprise work-birthday party... followed by not much other work.

  • Supergoose IPA in the sun while waiting for Dan to meet me at the theater

  • Iron Man 3 (great flick!)

  • Crashed hard when we got home at 10pm

Saturday morning Dan and I woke up early and refreshed. We quickly packed a bag (that held mostly our electronic devices) and hit the open road to meet up with my parents and little sisters at the coast.

The sun roof open and our sunglasses on the entire trip made us feel like it was mid-July. While the temperatures crept into the high 70's and the rays of the sun soaked into our skin we felt nothing but joy, relief and a youthful nostalgia of summer break. We talked more in that two hour car ride than we've talked in the last few months, and even though a good majority of it was about work - it felt great to listen to his voice, talk about ways we can help each other and get inside of each other's heads more than the usual "what do you want for dinner, how was your day, did you feed Tiger" conversations.

Unwinding for the weekend was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and definitely helped me with my 'be spontaneous' goal. As you can imagine, no additional work for the week was done for this blog, no work was done, no food prep was accomplished and we'll have to save our Costco trip for another day.

And I'm fine with that, because nothing can beat a sunset like this one.

heart JE


brooke lyn said...

sushi trumps food prep, always.

Jessi said...

No question - especially when the Mr. has a day off from work and can do it for me! :)