Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bus Incident

Okay, so I was hoping to write something worthwhile tonight but I just can't do it. Why you ask?

I was hit by a bus!

Okay that may be a bit dramatic, but my car is feeling it this evening.

Yep, my sad little side mirror. This isn't even the first time a side mirror on my vehicle has been mangled but that was pre-blog and pre-instagram!

I was leaving the freeway to cut through downtown and my car was stopped, waiting like all the other commuters at the light. I saw a bus emerge right next to my window and my stomach dropped, then the tire lightly rubbed past my driver side mirror and my hands grasped the wheel a little tighter.

Then the destruction.

At no more than 2 MPH, the bus's back right wheel well caught the mirror and tore it slowly and painfully (I always rip the band-aid fast) as I sat and watched the mirror sadly dangling.

I sat with my jaw dropped, hands up, reaching for my cell phone and trying to make out the license plate.

The driver next to me was equally appalled and he was kind enough to roll down his window and shout, "I'm a witness! Hey, I'm a witness! Bus #1714!"

I was stunned by his kindness and that he was looking out for me and just missed my chance to follow after him and get his information. I turned down a few more streets, around and around, but couldn't locate the kind stranger.

I took photos of the damage and sent to both mom and Dan, asking "who can I call to get this fixed?".

Mom was on the hunt and Dan was proud of me for getting all of the details pinned, even down to what the advertisement on the back of the bus was.

The decided action plan was to call the non-emergency police who handled the call like it happens all the time and sent a kind and investigative officer (who looked a little like Michael Rooker, or Merle from Walking Dead).

Officer Merle took the details, whacked some zombies and phoned a Tri-Met supervisor who also came out to file the report, take photos (duh, sir - check my insta's) and gave me the claims number that I'd be able to contact to get the damage taken care of.

Sad moment, happy ending - and I'm proud of myself for getting all of the details so that I could make the claim and get my baby repaired.

Although I may not be merging into the left lane any time soon! #Dangles

heart JE


brooke lyn said...

please tell me the #ABeautifulMess photos were used to document the scene of the accident!

Jessi said...

Uh, yes! It was Messy and not so pretty - so I had to spice 'er up!

Suzannah (@AdvDressmaking) said...

OMG, that's terrifying!! I'm always afraid of that when the buses get too close! (Cute use of the beautiful mess app, though!!)

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

Glad you were able to get the details in order to get justice... but at the same time, love how you spiced that picture up :)

Jessi said...

The Beautiful Mess App can make anything whimsical - even traumatizing car damage!

Jessi said...

Ha-ha thank you! It was the only way to make the event not seem like doomsday!

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