Friday, June 28, 2013

June Summary

Buh-bye June!

When it began, June had promise of easy work days and relaxation at home. Just a few days in, this month turned gloomy and has proved to be one of the most consistently stressful months at work I've been a part of.

New responsibility, more work with less resources and shorter deadlines don't get me down though, these factors force me to work smarter, involve my teammates and get plenty of support from the people around me. This includes family and friends.

Here they are, the Top 5 Moments from the month!

1. I'm still very proud to be a second-time Tough Mudder and I owe you the official Oregon 2013 video so you can get a taste for how hilly the course was!

2. Dan and I love our little Holly girl and we've been so impressed with her personality. She's had no accidents, she's adventurous, she sleeps all the way through the night, she likes both her wet and dry food, and she hasn't taken a swipe at our Betta fish (yet).

I only wish she'd hold still for iPhone photos like this more often, but we're working on that!

3. This TED Talk about Power Posing has really changed my outlook on the way I carry myself at work and how I've managed to boost my confidence in difficult situations. I feel it paying off and can see how it can help anyone out there.

4. I still have 21 miles to run to complete this month, which is only 7 per day and an easy goal to hit in comparison to many end of the month gaps to close I've had in the last 3 and a half years of running 100 miles a month. It's been a miracle so far to get 79 and I contribute my success to my Morning Routine.

5. I can't write this post without remembering that it was just this month that I met Dan's parents for the first time. It doesn't seem possible that it was within the past 30 days, but time flies!

Thanks for sticking around this month, I'm thinking July will be just as crazy with work travel (!!!) and watching Holly get older.

I'm looking forward to it!


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

You guys are fur baby parents now!! Congrats : ) She is really cute (but that doesn't mean the golden sisters are off the hook for pictures...)

brooke lyn said...

make sure you run in the morning or late evenings this weekend! it's gonna be hot, hot, hot! or just come hang out at the pool with me!

Jessi said...

Ha-ha we are PROUD parents. I can't wait to share photos when I get to see the baby and the sisters meet each other. :) :) Happy weekend!

eatgreatbegreat said...

Awwww...your kitty is so adorable! My name is Holly too, so I'm kinda digging her name! ;-)

adventuresindressmaking said...

Sounds like it was a good month! Summer is just starting, I can't even imagine how packed and fun the next few months are gonna be for me!

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

EEeee adorable kitty! Hopefully your work travel will take you to some interesting places?

Jessi said...

And thank goodness that the weather is showing up BEFORE the holiday weekend! :)

Jessi said...

First stop, Toronto! :) This kitty is going to be hard to leave!