Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Thank you for sticking with me this week. It's been a long one. #TWSS

From the start of the work week where Dan and I didn't arrive into PDX until 2:30am Monday, to going cross-eyed over spreadsheets Monday and Tuesday, confidently delivering my beautiful work on Wednesday and some defending of my numbers today - I'm so thrilled that it's Friday.

Let's talk about how my weekend was where I finally got to Meet the Parents and a few other special members of Dan's family!

Friday was a wild and crazy day at work and I did everything possible to get out of the building before noon so that I'd be able to connect with mom and make my flight. With a lightly packed gym bag and fully charged electronics I stepped onto the plane and took a nap instantly. Before I knew it I was in Texas for my layover and had already sat down to enjoy the sweet taste of victory for my successful Quarter.

I made it into Nashville just before midnight on Friday where Dan escorted me back to our hotel in Kentucky to a King size bed that has us wanting to make a purchase soon. We made a pit stop for a quick snack and since we were somewhere foreign Dan insisted that White Castle was the only place we could go.., so obviously there's no photo evidence of what we actually ordered and consumed. #Faturday

The very next morning came early as we were woken with an invite to breakfast, at which I immediately jumped out of bed and into get-ready-to-impress mode for the first meeting in person. Holding Dan's hand as we approached the restaurant, I instantly felt a calm aura when I saw Dan's mom, dad and sister in the hotel lobby. Before I knew it I was meeting aunts and uncles from Chicago and Switzerland, bridesmaids and former neighbors. I hadn't even finished my first cup of coffee yet!

After passing through the first round of interviews, Dan and I went on an errand run to find him razors and the finishing touches on the gift we got for the bride and groom.  Exhausted and a little taken aback by the humidity, Dan and I both took the afternoon calm to catch a quick nap.

Like magic, I was soon dressed, in the chapel and witnessing this beautiful lady walking down the aisle. Her parents gave her away in front of family and friends while shutter clicks could be heard from all around the chapel.

These are not my photos. I was too busy admiring her dress and dreaming about my own aisle moment.

Following the wedding, we took our time to get back to the reception hall for a wonderful meal and a night full of dancing. Once I dined and was ready to get my man out on the floor, we danced the night away and had everyone in the room thinking that we'd taken lessons together. From there we laughed, I made new facebook friends, I even grabbed the microphone when the timing was right and had family members asking Dan "Where did she come from?"

Sunday morning came too soon and we said our goodbyes at the Louisville airport. Once we were through security we treated ourselves to "two means four" whiskey orders to celebrate a successful first meeting of hopefully many. Other airport antics included planks, walking around, delay after delay and finally coming home to my amazing parents who picked us up at 2:30 in the morning with the golden sisters - and with a special made lunch in hand.

Such a wonderful weekend, thank you for a wonderful time Dan and family! Congrats, Emily!

heart JE


brooke lyn said...

drops mic, walks away.

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

You are amazing- none of us readers ever doubted you would be welcomed with open arms during such a fun wedding weekend! Hope you feel rested by now and ready for this weekend. I myself am headed up to Aspen to meet my dad (he's at a conference), so I am excited to be pampered with treats from Trader Joes that were hand flown to Colorado :) (yes, he spoils me!).

Jessi said...

Aww you're so sweet, I was happy to make the trip and YES - I feel rested :)

Have a fun weekend in Aspen! Take your camera and indulge in those TJ Treats!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Sounds super exciting! I'm so grateful that I love my husband's family almost like my own and we all live close by. But very cool that you got to meet folks and see a wedding at the same time! (And I totally feel your pain about those late flights back... ugh, I hate flying.) What a weekend!

Kayla @ Fit Life Forward said...

Austin and I bought a king size bed - best investment ever!

Pech said...

I'm glad the wedding weekend/meet the fam went so smoothly, and that you got White Castle. I am most charmed by your airport antics, looks like you were able to make lemonade from the lemons!

Jessi said...

yes, so many lemons were squeezed that day! :) Thanks!

Jessi said...

Amazing! I keep telling Dan that I promise I'll sleep in on weekends rather than setting a 6am alarm for my long run :) Not sure I'll hold to it but it's a great bribe tactic!

Jessi said...

Oh so lucky to have everyone local! That's how it is with my side of the family so adjusting to (potential future relatives) will be tricky down the road with kids, etc. ;)

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