Monday, July 1, 2013

July's Eight Great Goals

It's finally summer in Portland! Wahooo!


As I mentioned in June there was a lot that I didn't get to last month and that includes being the worst at keeping up with other blogs. Every Saturday morning I wake up to the last week's 200 blogs I didn't get around to reading and felt like a jerk commenting back 5 days later. Apologies, ladies - I'm still reading!

What's July got in store?

How about beautiful weather, grill magic, work travel, kitten playtime, 100 more running miles, sangria, instagram video and hopefully some getaway time at the coast!

What else will I be doing? Take a look!

1. Take a Hike.

There's plenty of amazing locations in the Northwest to take a hike and we don't even have to go that far. Portland Area hikes are an escape from the city for an afternoon and a great way to get out of the house in the summer.

2. Hit a golf ball 100 yards in the air

My Daniel is amazing. A week ago I came home to pristine set of brand new golf clubs and golf shoes in my favorite color. And they match(!!!) This past weekend I went through putting, chipping, hitting and driving school and my best shot was just past the 75 yard marker. I have a long way to go until I can actually play on the course but I'm looking forward to learning more about the game my guy loves.

3. Visit the Portland Zoo!

Dan hasn't been to the Portland Zoo yet, even though we drive past it twice a day and would love to see all the big kitties!

4. No Ice Cream for the next 31 days!

I already know that this will be torture! Ice cream is a staple in our home and with temperatures in the high 80's I'll have to resort to frozen berries and lemonade to get that warm weather fix.

5. Not be this guy.


June work surprises brought a lot of this personality out of me. Rather than showing my emotions on my face and in my eyes I should get up, take a walk, fill my water bottle and return with a smile and willingness to help out.

6. Write 3 posts for the following week on the weekend.

This goal is measurable, this goal is possible and this goal will be a game-changer for me and my home life on weeknights. There's plenty I can do ahead of time (even down to coming up with headers and importing images) that will cut down on the strict deadlines I set for myself.

7. Rock my Work Travel.

I have the privilege of travelling internationally in a few short weeks and my goal is to train my co-workers on everything they need to know while I'm gone and then go and really make an impact with our friends to the North. When I took this job the opportunity for travel was 0%  so I feel flattered and I feel a responsibility to make the time worth it.

8Schedule Time Off From Work.

I didn't follow through with this one last month so I think that after my travel I'll be set up to take a day... or two, or three?

Wish me all the luck in the world with my short and crazy week at work.

heart JE


mdott922 said...

Great goals!

brooke lyn said...

get outta the office once in a while girl! and i am not just talking about for work travel :)

Jessi said...

Thank you!! I think they're possible!

Jessi said...

I know I know, It's back on the goals for a reason, sweetheart! :)

motormouthstudios said...

So exciting that you get to travel for work! What is that you do?

Rachel Sedaker said...

You could even take a day off to go on a hike- two birds, y'know? Good luck with these!

Kayla Moothart said...

I've been thinking about getting back into golfing. My husband loves it and I tried it before but didn't enjoy it. I want to give it a second go. Good luck with your goals!

Jessi said...

Thank you for the luck! :) I've never been a golfer and it's one of the boy's top 3 passions in life. I figure I better learn, especially since he bought me the new clubs!

Bonnie said...

Hi Jessi. I agree, scheduling out posts on the weekend does make the week go a little bit more smooth on weeknights. That's exciting that you're going on a big trip! Have some fun!

Jessi said...

This week was amazing having them already done. Just a few edits and Bam! Published! :)