Monday, June 17, 2013

Tough Mudder #2

First I want to say another Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad! I didn't get to spend any of the weekend with him but mom treated him right and we will celebrate properly later this week. It sounds like all of you out there also have pretty remarkable dads. That makes me happy.

This weekend was Tough Mudder #2 for me and it was fun to drag Dan along - even if it meant having to watch the DVR version of the US Open when we got home.

Brooke was awesome and drove us East to the city of Fossil where we witnessed the other side of Oregon that those of us from the city often forget about. Fossil, OR is a place where there's no cell service and a simpler way of life on the ranch.

Or way of life on the ranch was anything but 'simple', but at least we had a fun stay!

Quick Hits - then I'm hitting the pillow!

  • Last year I only made it over 3 of 4 walls, this year I made it over all 4 (with 2 slanted toward us!)

  • Last year I fell multiple times on Everest and never made it up (I quit) and this year I made it up the first time!

  • Having Dan there was the extra boost I needed to get me through <3

  • Dan was a sweetheart and crashed into the water on the monkey bars before me, just to make it less embarrassing when I fell in on the first rung

  • Arctic Enema was actually a welcome relief from the warm temperatures

  • I had a 'Brain Reboot" (blacked out) for a moment through Electric Eel. I opened my eyes, heard white noise and just kept crawling.

Sorry for not many photos, my iPhone was stored in our bag pretty quick once we made it to the venue - you'll have to wait for the official race photos!

Thanks for a fun weekend, friends!

And yes, this was me on the monkey bars.


Ashley said...

PROPS TO YOU LADIES!! I could run and play in the mud and on some obstacles, but throw competition + electric shocking in the mix and imma peace out. Don't know how you do it, but great job!!

brooke lyn said...

i'm sore.

Jessi said...

Non-stop desk stretches.

Jessi said...

Thank you!!! :) It was pretty fun and I'm feeling it today!

Jenni said...

Bahaha... That would be the same as me on the bars. That is amazing that you did that.

Macey Snelson said...

Nicely done!! My brother ran it Saturday and I drove out to meet/see him (he drove from Boise). As soon as I turned off I84 I dropped signal and didn't have it for more than 24hrs. I thought I was surely going to die.

jasonmstanley said...

Way to go! It's my dream to do one of these some day. I've got a lot of work to do... haha

adventuresindressmaking said...

Whoa!! No cell service?! That would be an adventure! ;) I find I'm much more relaxed on trips with unreliable access to the internet... you guys rock, way to make progress from last year, too!

Pech said...

Props to your "adventure" souvenirs! Sounds like you did awesome, tho the brain reboot is an interesting "memory?" of your experience

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