Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to Life - Back to Reality

Well hello! You may have noticed that in blog-land it looked like I had a 4-day weekend.

The only reason you got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday content was that I wrote those on my iPad on the red eye flight across the border. Which, if you've never written on an iPad on a plane, it's the most creative writing and distraction-free flow you'll ever experience.

No, last week I was quite too busy going hard at both ends - working to the bone at the office and making a serious effort to be social and build relationships. Some say I'm a natural but it took everything I had to agree to go out with the boys rather than slave away at the laptop - and I think I liked that side of myself.

So - yes, this trip I had way more fun. #sorrynotsorry

Fun also means that I failed so hard on Paleo all week with the restaurants and the nights out and the quick food trips at lunch time. It was the same hotel as you may remember from my big rant and there was still no good way to keep my groceries from going bad.

Time for your favorite part, right? iPhone dump!

1. The CN Tower on the first night walking home from dinner.

2. BEER IN A BAG + a shot. Can I be any more classy?

3. View of the lake from my hotel window.

4. Gringa - should have just had a pitcher #AmIRight?

5. K Cup Coffee all day every day at the office.

6. Fresh blueberries for a walk to explore

When I made it home Friday night I only had 5 hours 'off' from work (10pm - 3am) and then had to get back to it on Saturday morning, Dan and Holly made sure to treat me like a queen.

Weary and overworked, it was nice to have no worries except to Persist through C.R.A.P and do it all over again tomorrow.

Back home now with great snuggles and good clean paleo - I'm a happy girl.

What did you do this weekend?

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Ashley said...

Sounds like your career is exploding over there. The perk about work traveling is all of the points you'll rack up on the company's dime!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Sounds like you really let loose this time : ) Glad you had another action packed trip. At hotels I've stayed at before, you can request a mini fridge in advance and sometimes they will honor your request if they have them on hand for events, other rooms, etc!

Whitney said...

Haha...that looks like my kitty! Its hard to find that balance sometimes. Taking a break from the blog world is a-ok! And falling off a dietary wagon is ok sometimes too.

Lauren said...

K-Cups at work are one of the main things that get me to the office every day. It sounds like a successful (though tiring) trip overall!

Suzannah (@AdvDressmaking) said...

OMG, you're eating Paleo now?! Oh, that's so super exciting!!! I loooooove it and have been doing it since Christmas. Best lifestyle change ever. Wow, sounds like you had a super busy few days!
Luckily it's not hard to get back on the wagon after a day or two of not eating super Paleo whole foods, and generally best to just relax about it rather than stress about being perfect! Dianne and Liz from the Balanced Bites are so great (and "balanced"!) about that kind of thing, might be motivational to listen to some of their episodes about starting out and how often you slip up... just did a quick search and found this very early one that is even about Paleo and travel!
Hope the rest of your week is a little calmer! =)

brooke lyn said...

go get some sleeeeeep

Pech said...

Yay for finding time for fun during a work trip! It's funny how awesome it is once you are out to make yourself social and it's a great time and glad it happened, but there is always that first hump of getting myself to go out rather than stay in!

Bonnie said...

Phew...what an adventure. Fun and productive and sounds like you need a vacation for sleep!

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