Monday, August 19, 2013

TED Tuesday: Born To Run

I really hope that what Christopher McDougall is saying in today's TED Talk is true - that we as human beings are designed to sweat and to run.

Not just run but to run long distances.

Why do I care?

This week I have to make good on my commitment to run 100 miles a month... only using up 12 days total.

If you're reading this when I am publishing on Tuesday morning, I have 57 miles left and 140 waking hours to do it in. Possible, right? Right!

Now obviously some of those hours I want to sleep, some of those hours I guess I have to work and some of the others I just plain want to relax, but mark my words - by Sunday when I get on a plane at midnight to return to Toronto I will be at 100 miles and no less.

Dedicating today's post to running is important to me as I had to drop out of my annual Hood to Coast fun that's this upcoming weekend as too much is happening at work and I wouldn't have had the chance to take Friday off. (Insert massive sigh here).

(Insert yet another massive sigh here)

I liked this talk as it inspired me to think of my running challenge this week as not an obstacle, but something that my body is designed to do.


[ted id=1067]


kait said...

love your TED Tuesdays - good luck, you can do it!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Imagine our community being free of all these ailments- insane! Thanks for always sharing your good TED finds. Sad to hear you won't be doing Hood to Coast but I am also selfishly happy because I'm looking forward to meeting you!!

brooke lyn said...

i want to see the squirrel olympics.

Lauren said...

.... and that was the kick in the butt I needed to finish my measly 25. Thanks!

Anna said...

Your TED Tuesdays rock. I am doing my very first 5k (baby run, lol) this fall - The Color Run here in PDX. Time to get started on some runs! :)

Good luck with your 100 miles -wowie!