Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Across the Border

Happy Monday here from Toronto!

This weekend didn't feel like much of a weekend at all. Usually I have long runs in the mornings, mid day naps, and evenings with the laptop out half-blogging, day drinking and some DVR catch up with my guy. This one was cut short with a red-eye flight Saturday night.

But Friday night I cheated so hard on Paleo. Dan and I headed to the theater to watch Wolverine (his pick) and couldn't resist the theater popcorn seasoned with jalapeno butter and cheddar topping. It was out of my control, and I have no regrets from my "cheat meal". With the movie came the realization of how incredibly irresponsible we are as parents. We got home at 9:30pm to an energy-filled Holly who wanted nothing to do with the must-sleep-now plan that we had in mind. Dan slept like a baby, but she kept me up for hours before I was able to finally get some zzz's

Then remember how I said that Saturdays are for sleeping? Well Saturday I didn't get out of bed until 5pm. Sure I 'got out of bed' for food and coffee, but I was mostly horizontal with my iPad, iPhone or laptop catching up on reading blogs and making changes to my own blog.

That's right, do you see the FANCY new social media buttons to the right of your screen?

Thanks to Sarah's amazing tutorial that also works for Wordpress I was able to work my own design, map the image to three separate links and make it fit nicely over there underneath my photo. No more awkward Facebook (like anyone ever clicked that) twitter and Instagram with Bloglovin' separately. I'm seriously thankful for Sarah's Saturday Sessions.

Saturday when Holly and I woke from our slumber when we heard Dan get home was followed by a late round of laundry, a 5 mile run, and some quick packing for my 12:55am flight to a 6 day business visit to Toronto.

I feel like Red Eye flights are for the most productive people you'll meet. Nothing like an air bed & breakfast before arriving to your destination city with upright seated-sleep. Red eye flights are also an excellent excuse to get something that will settle you down and help you to rest a little easier.

Beer & sweatpants, that's my kind of Saturday night.

Flight #2 from Minneapolis/St. Paul was less than fun - I was all the way in the back of a tiny plane (only 13 rows) and had this stink hole next to me. Blugh. I also had a stink hole to my left but that's a different story for a different day.

Since my mission was to enjoy the city on Sunday you'll be seeing some photos later this week that summarize my adventures. I'm hoping this trip allows me to relax a little more than the last one and to actually get some rest. It doesn't look that way from the emails that came through this weekend but a girl can dream, right?

Wishing all the luck and confidence in the world today to my amazing teammates back home today who are presenting my super crazy normal job responsibility on top of their other work. They're going to rock it.

Thrilled at the thought already of being back home - counting down the days!


Katie Siloac said...

omg i took a red eye from CA once sitting next to the potty. worst!!!!!!

Lauren said...

I like the feel of your Saturday. Not a fan of the potty seat on a plane. And love your new image! I saved that post as new because I need to do the same for my own blog. Have a great week away!

brooke lyn said...

ohhh look at you being all HTMLie!!! go you. ps. Knucks to Canucks!

motormouthstudios said...

Ugh, red eye flights and toilet neighbors are the worst! Huzzah for beer and sweat pants though! That's my kind of Saturday night too! Have fun in Canada! I can't wait to see all the pics!

Rachel Sedaker said...

My mind is blown by that tutorial. That is how it is done.

And boo for potty seats on red-eye flights. My worst was being seated in the window, with a very obese man next to me who snacked on M & M's the entire time. I've never had so little space on a flight.

Bonnie said...

Just try and squeeze yourself and a child into those potties. That's almost just as bad! I agree though, it just might be the worst seat on the plane...not to mention if you're in the back row you can't recline at all!

Kira said...

Oh man, thank God I have never had to sit by the bathroom. Sounds terrible!

kailyn marie said...

EWWW. sitting next to the bathroom anywhere sucks, but on a plane is like 1000000X worse! hope you don't have to sit next to it on the way home ;)

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

I am obsessed with always checking my seat and trying to move it... when I first book my ticket, when I am a few days from travelling, when I check in online, when I check AGAIN to print my ticket at the airport, possibly at the boarding gate... all because I will never sit in that back row and by the toilets. Once was enough! So sorry for your experience. I love red eye flights because all the crappy travel time is passed while I'm unconscious, and we land and I'm someplace else and can get started!

Liz Taylor said...

Girl I feel your pain. I took a red air from San Fran, CA to Charlotte, NC. 5 beautiful hours OVERNIGHT. UGh! I loved Wolverine, did you like it? I have a ticket for free popcorn and the movies so I am going to indulge this weekend ;-)

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