Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Year Anniversary

To be honest it feels like an eternity (in a good way) that my Daniel and I have been together.

Today, however, is what we have chosen to mark as our official one year, all thanks to a relationship status upgrade on our Facebook accounts (yes, seriously)

The two year courtship from Summer 2010 to Summer 2012 is what makes it hard to believe that we are officially celebrating a year, but August 19th is our special day because we shouted our togetherness to the world, a significant step in our time spent together.

If you haven't been around here for very long I recommend reading this post first - it gives you some context around our relationship before the blog.


Thank you for being my companion, my best friend and my love.. . I can't explain how the past three years of knowing you have changed my world.

You're my everything and I feel the same from you (except sometimes I think you like golf just a little bit more).

Every day you make me laugh, every day I love you more and every day I think of how much I'll never be satisfied with the time I'll have with you.

Thank you for always supporting my career, my blog, my dreams and my decisions. Thank you for being an amazing father to our water and fur children (Holly and Tiger).

I can't wait to make more memories with you for years and years Daniel <3

Phew, sorry for the sap-fest blogland - yes, you can vom a little. 

From the past year, here's a great dump of "us" photos - together, across from each other and drinking in "two's".


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

I love all the his-and-hers drinks, especially with him staring over the top of the margarita! Congrats on your one year- it's been an amazing ride for all of us to follow alongside, and I can tell he makes you one happy lady!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! Nothing wrong with a little sap sometimes!

brooke lyn said...

this makes me want an ice cream cone real bad. #notpaleo.. also, stop being so cute.

Anna said...

Congrats, too sweet!

LG said...

Congrats!!! you guys are too cute. and a boyfriend who supports the blog should always be celebrated!

Kasey said...

I'm super late in reading this post, but congratulations on your own-year anniversary! I hope that there's many more to come for you two! xo

Chloe (@CHolgatee) said...

Sooooo cute, congratulations guys xx

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