Thursday, August 1, 2013

Backing it Up to Toronto

How fantastic does it feel that Friday is here?

Sometimes Fridays make me feel like dancing, and I mean really dancing.

This week was hard. That kind of hard where you don't know how you got here, how you can take back your life and thoughts like 'how will I ever have a family with this type of workload?'. That can be emotionally distressing for anyone right?  I am thankful to have a guy in my life who doesn't care about mascara and eyeliner smeared on his polo shirts at the end of a long day.

After yesterday's goal setting I really want to start the month off right with some thank you's that are necessary.

Are you ready for a list? 

|| Thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us over last night for amazing Paleo Meatloaf (look for a recipe here soon!)

|| Thanks Dan for letting me vent and understanding what I'm going through.

|| Thanks teammates at work who are undeniably the greatest teammates a girl could have. I know you'll never read this but you keep me going.

|| Thanks Portland for the gloomy and rainy day yesterday, I am a lover of Fall and can't wait for sweater weather.

|| Thanks alarm for getting me an extra hour of sleep yesterday.

|| Thanks kind hearted people who always lend a hand when they see someone who is upset and in need.

|| Thanks to my wonderful friends who haven't given up on me - you know who you are!

|| Thanks to Canada, for having a holiday on Monday and a technical "free day" in the city. Bless your maple leaves.

|| Thanks to Saturday, because you my friend are for sleeping!

And maybe Saturday is also for flying, take it away Sinatra!

Fly Me to The Moon


LG said...

I need to know more about these frequent toronto trips! i spend a lot of time there. usually I don't do much more than sit around my parents pool drinking all their booze and eating butter tarts, but I love that city nonetheless. correction: i love it from june and october.

Suzannah (@AdvDressmaking) said...

Hooray for lists of things we're grateful for!! I used to try to make note of the things I'm thankful for each day--sort of stopped doing that but I do have a "gratitude list" up in my office at home. It really makes me happier to think about everyday things I'm so grateful to have!

Mmm, Paleo meatloaf is amazing!! Some classic foods like that are really easy to make in whole foods, quality, no processed ingredient-form if you just don't use cheap stuff when cooking--they taste the same or better from the random AllRecipes versions! I normally make a pretty classic meatloaf with Paleo-friendly ingredients.... sometime I want to get creative and try one of these, though!

Macey Snelson said...

Yay for a free day in Canada Monday! Post lots of fun instagrams so I may live vicariously!

brooke lyn said...

you better not touch your work on monday while you're in Toronto. use that time correctly. sight seeing and eating only.

Pech said...

I was only in Toronto once for work for a couple days, and I can only remember 1 thing that really stood out that I might repeat: I liked going to someplace called Casa Imperial for dim sum because of instead of having to chase around carts they had a English menu where I could just mark off everything and it was in a beautiful house with sparkling chandeliers so I felt fancy! But you need a car to get to it. I know it's not the first thing you think of for Toronto Canada, but apparently there is a lot of really great dim sum available here!

Jessi said...

Health-bent! What an amazing website, thank you!!

I've been pretty safe with easy meats and veggies, but am looking forward to making meals like 'normal' just with good natural ingredients!!

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