Monday, November 25, 2013

Some Mondays Aren't That Bad

Hey, we're back again for another week already?

I suppose this Monday doesn't look SO bad with only three days in the office - we may as well say that it's hump day. Get excited!!

I'm looking forward to a wonderful week as I get to see my dear friend Amanda for dinner Tuesday night AND get to cat-sit Holly's brother for the entire week. 

Sigh - I do actually have to work (a little) on Thursday and Friday due to my involvement with our Canadian friends up north - you know, since they already had their Thanksgiving. I don't have to go all the way in to work so that's a plus, and maybe being at home with the golden retriever sisters and the smell of a paleo thanksgiving will make it seem like play. At least the wine and/or cider will make me feel that way.

The weekend was a blur and I don't even feel like I can give a decent recap.

Saturday's highlight was a kick-face 2lb paleo meatloaf that I'll be making weekly, no matter what time of year. This trial loaf was more about the taste than the presentation - but I promise you'll get the recipe + a photo and can see what I mean for yourself.

Ha, does 2 pounds of meatloaf sound like a lot for a single girl on Thanksgiving week? #Sorrynotsorry I'll have you know that it could already be gone by now but instead it's secure in tupperware to ensure  portioning and rationing through Wednesday! Eat more, build more.

On Sunday, mom and I got together for a 2 hour Paleo seminar with this guy and learned some great information about the science behind why Paleo + lifting heavy things is good for you  and how to let your body work with you, not against you!

Plug for my co-worker: If you are looking for a special gift for a friend and love Stella and Dot Jewelry, check out that link and get shopping!

Now get to work!


brooke lyn said...

look at you being all super paleo. i think i am going to eat all the stuffing for you, on the special day that is thanksgiving.

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

I am excited for this meatloaf recipe, and curious about what paleo Thanksgiving entails! Love that your mom is on board which makes it easy for you. I am looking forward to coming home to PDX!!

Ashley said...

Boo to having to work on Thursday and Friday! But that's nice you at least get to stay home.