Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TED Tuesday: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Okay. Seriously - I know that you all can't always watch the entire TED video but I really want you to watch this one.

Last night I found it and started it - I was passively listening, scrolling instagram and starting to take down notes for you. A few minutes in, I couldn't ignore the passion and conviction in the voice of Mel Robbins and needed to start the video back at the beginning to give it the attention it deserved. It's worth your time.

Mel is a radio host, reality show host, relationship expert and a woman who boasts having the ability to help you get anything and anywhere you want. Would you believe that she can help you ?

Let's begin there ... What do you want?

Want a hot body, or double your income, retire 5 years earlier, take a year off and travel, settle down and start a family?

What is it that you're after? What's standing in your way?

We live in an age where everyone has access to  any information that they want to acquire - via books, blogs, videos - you have everything you need, so why don't you have what you want?

I think Mel has a point when she says that first thing you'll have to do before getting after your dreams is to drop this 4 letter F-Bomb from your vocabulary because it's cheap, dirty and it's ruining your life. 
You read that right - "Fine". It's a disgusting word that you need to stop using immediately.

Of course "fine" is the perfect word because it alleviates you of having to do anything to change your situation. But that's not going to get you to your goals, dreams and ambitions.

When you use the word "fine", you're not only using it to mask your emotions to others, you're using it to hide your feelings from yourself too. And the saddest part is that you believe it.

It's simple to get what you want, but not easy!

You need to stop hitting your snooze button; metaphorically and literally (#DirtyhairDontCare).

As Mel suggests, try these three things:
  • Force yourself out of your head - don't listen to that jerk in your head, you wouldn't be friends with someone who spoke to you that way.
  • Force yourself past your feelings - If you listen to how you feel, you will never get what you want.
  • Force yourself outside of your comfort zone - outside this bubble of yours is where you greet the challenge and the magic takes place. 
TEDx conferences are the best, thanks for watching!


brooke lyn said...

i like that she just kicked my ass via ted talk

Rachel Sedaker said...

She makes some very interesting points. I agree with some of it, but definitely not all of it. But I definitely like the 5 second rule- that's why I keep a notebook with me, so that I can jot down the ideas I get and start to work on them.