Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Morning Latte

So let me tell you a story about this morning.

I left the house later than usual. Why?

  • I hit the snooze several times

  • I did a mini 15 minute wake-up workout

  • I took the time to actually do my hair

  • I steamed my shirt to reduce the wrinkles

  • I cleaned out my handsome betta's bowl

  • I emptied the dishwasher... no wait - I didn't do that yet.

Because I left a bit later, traffic was more congested than usual - even with all of the sneaky shortcuts I have to get through town in a traffic jam.

This situation would have put old me (circa 4 months ago) into a fit of panic.

"I'm late! I'm going to be so behind! I have a mountain of work at my desk! It's going to be such a stressful day!"

Today, however - I handled it the same way that I've been handling it the past 5 weeks - by stopping in to Peet's coffee shop for an almond milk latte.

Doesn't this just make me more late? Yes it does. But to me the "late" doesn't apply anymore like it used to.

The latte is a symbol of freedom, a sign of a relaxed attitude, a person who can stroll in to the office with her hands cradled around a warm latte and say "Hello! Good morning! Happy Hump Day!".

That mountain of work I used to stress about is still there, but the way I have learned to approach it is so much more productive and present.

This latte isn't just a latte - it's just one of the many signs of a new and improved version of me.


brooke lyn said...

all of the almond milk lattes! all of them! also more jlawrence in my life is not a bad thing. her new haircut might be though... still undecided.

Ashley said...

It's like you're writing to me today! I overslept two hours. TWO HOURS. Alarm usually sounds at 3:45am and at 6:15am I casually woke up and bolted out of bed. The normal me would be FREAKING out, but even in the 6:30am traffic I didn't panic. Came into work. And got to work. It feels so much better to not panic!

Kasey said...

Almond milk latte actually sounds delicious...if only Starbucks made something like that ;)

Kayla said...

This has been a goal for me... Not to stress about running late! I love your strategy!! Plus I love a morning coffee!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Because of you (cue Kelly Clarkson please), I stopped this morning for a decadent mocha because I knew I was going to be my normal 25 minutes early to work. I was only 15 minutes early to work this morning.. progress!! I am normally an anxious person about getting places on time and can't relax, so this was a good reminder that a tasty coffee is worth it!