Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TED Tuesday: Why We Love

Today we are going to let Helen Fisher talk to us about love.

I almost feel like this topic is on my blog a little too soon, but I'm happy to share it with you today.

You may have noticed the recent change in my life, blog headers and the absence of any mention of the man I used to call 'my wonderful boyfriend'. It's true, we are no longer together.

It's also true that my priorities were very wrong the past year with non-stop devotion to work, compulsive running and an enthusiastic  dive into the blogging world. It's true that we fell out of what I thought was love and it's true that I was often misleading to you here in this space with how happy we were together. It's true that I've hurt a wonderful man and true that hindsight really is 20/20.

Our separation in the short term has hurt through many of my actions and some of his words - but in the long term I hope that both of us can strive to find a romantic love, like the one that Helen speaks to in today's 23 minute video.

Let's take the focus away from me now and switch the lens to our video today - talking about the 'simplicity' of Romantic love.

Throughout this life you will find one person (and maybe many people) who captivate you, mesmerize you and turn your world upside down. All of your focus and all of your thoughts are fixated on this person. Not only is this person perfect in your eyes, but no matter their visible faults and undeniable baggage you are able to look beyond the bad and fixate on the qualities which you adore, admire and hope to have in a lifetime partnership. 

Helen reminds us that romantic love is an intense craving. Much more than a sexual attraction, you emotionally and willfully give your everything to another. You share secrets, you motivate, you support. Even more innocently you want this person to call you on the phone, to invite you out to dinner, tell you how much they care about you.

If you have found romantic love, you've unlocked a powerful human emotion that has been a part of our lives since the start of human existence.

If you haven't found it - don't be ashamed to want it in this meaningful and important lifetime of yours.


brooke lyn said...

perfectly said.

Kate Greenough said...

this IS perfect, Jessi!

Rachel Sedaker said...

First, I sensed your separation and I am sorry that you had to go through that. No doubt, you're learning and growing and becoming an even better and stronger person for it, and ready for a new romantic partner.

Second, wow, what a great talk. Indeed, a world without love is a dangerous place. Very fascinating.