Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Week, Another GIF Party

I'm about to feel pretty sappy, but I'm so in awe of the love I received yesterday. I was going to be happy if only my parents read it, then what I got was so much more. Internet love, in-person love. Even a beautiful lady on a blogging break snuck me an email to let me know that she was thinking about me. All of these gestures of care make me happy that I'm brave enough to share my world to strangers, and hope that someday I can return the support and love I feel this very moment. 

That's the kind of stuff I need in my life and want to continue looking for. The good feels.

Something else that gives me good feels is sharing my week with you in gif form. I know you love it too, and I have Alissa to thank for the original idea. She's HIGHlarious, give me zero credit please!



Somehow I was chosen to create the playlist for a runway fashion show on Tuesday for a big quarterly meeting. It's probably because I'm never seen without my headphones over my ears so they must think I know music.

I spent half of the day blending fresh dance tracks like the DJ I believe I am. Wanna hear these expert transitions? Download here.

I've since been asked to do the music for our next meeting too (eek!) 


Ugh, something happened to my iPhone when I went skiing and the ringer on/off nubby button is malfunctioning. It'll be on vibrate but take several minutes to actually turn on silent. Of course I didn't take this into account during a morning snapchat so thankfully only a few people caught me taking a selfie.



I got confused by dating, is it really this hard? Which part about the last 7 days of knowing you made me seem like I wanted a serious relationship? When I didn't change my plans for you or was it when I sent two texts because I wanted to make sure you got home okay? oops, sorry Mr. Sensitive.  


The start of March Madness means that everyone at work stops working and is huddled around any one of the TVs you can find on our campus. We even had a serious meeting in front of a TV, beers in hand. In the relaxed environment, you could find me giving zero bothers about the work that was in front of me. 


It's Friday. It's payday. I'm done here. 

Enjoy the weekend, pretty friends.

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Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

LOL i love it's always sunny. remember the episode where Dee and Dennis decided to quit the bar to pursue their dreams but ended up getting hooked on crack?? HAHAHAHAHA!

Vodka and Soda

Alex[andra] said...

Hahahaha "I'm done here." Perfect. I have to admit, since I've seen snaps of you with headphones on, I thought part of your job was something related to music. Maybe your job is just really cool.

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

hahaha nailed it and made my Friday ONCE again! Way to go on the music miss DJ by the way!

BLovedBoston said...

Must be a pretty good DJ since they asked you to do it again!! The phone button thing is annoying!! Hopefully you're due for an upgrade!

Alissa said...

Let's talk about dating for a second, and why guys are more emotional than me. Well, sober me. Drunk me says things she shouldn't.

Also, March Madness - I want to care! But, I don't. Now I know how people who don't like football feel while I'm live tweeting games every Sunday.

Kait said...

haha later boners. enjoy your weekend!

Christina said...

ohhhh i'm a dj too! dj xtiny. we should spin together some time hahaha. i have no bothers for march madness. nope.

MacKensie said...

DJ Jessi. I like it.

MacKensie said...

DJ Jessi. I like it.

brooke lyn said...

well done on the gifs today, well done. starts slow clap. later, boners.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Hahahahah Winnie the Pooh Bear for the GIF win!

Jordan said...

LOL love the Winnie the Pooh one! Later, boners! Have a great weekend!

Rachel Sedaker said...

Where are these guys who care? Somehow my dating experience just brings me unavailable workaholics. Dating is hard.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

that tampon gif.....slam dunk nailed it...perfection....drop the mic and walk off the stage :-) xoxo

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Ha. Gifs amuse me so much. I'm so glad they exist.

Enjoy your weekend!

his little lady said...

Yes! Finally the weekend! Great GIFS as always :)
xo TJ

Katie Elizabeth said...

Oh Ari Gold, how I miss him. Your job sounds pretty great if you are drinking beers and watching March Madness during a meeting! Everyone is so uptight at my work I'm pretty sure they don't even know what MM is, ha!

Lauren said...

Loving the new blog look! And I hate when I leave the volume on and people can hear me snapchat, it is the WORST! Especially because my coworkers don't get anything about social media - they are always like um, what are you doing?

lil desiqua said...

Hold. Up.
You get to have meetings with beer and March Madness? AND make playlists? I'm jealous lol. A few of us snuck out of work to a bar for the Duke game on Friday, but I was a nervous Nelly the whole time because I thought my boss would be pissed!(I don't even think he noticed I was gone lol.)

Kayla Moothart said...

I'm very literally impressed with your DJ skills! [Or is it skillz?]