Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ASAP Tuesday: Sports Obsession

With the NCAA Basketball tournament starting this week, I thought I'd feature an AsapSCIENCE video about why people obsess over sports. Come on, you know who you are!! 

Sports get us excited, on the edge of our seats and kind of bat-shit crazy. If I were a betting woman (which I am), I'd hazard a guess that this NCAA Tourney will steal the show from our beloved missing MH370 #toosoon?

If you yourself haven't filled out a bracket, you've probably heard about it from your male co-workers, your significant other or even all the buzz about the Billion dollar bracket. You know, the one that nobody will win.

Disclaimer: I'm sorry to all of my Canadian friends who don't know the magic that is March Madness. I can guarantee you that all day Thursday and Friday I'll be doing zero work and giving zero cares about it. You know who else will be giving zero cares? Everyone, that's who! 

I'd consider myself to be a sports nut. I work for a sports and fitness company, I've played sports all my life and I plan to continue to be a fan girl until sports are no longer a thing hopefully never. I don't have a dog in the fight in this tournament, and I don't have a boyfriend with a team. But I've never been one to avoid great moments of sport and pure "madness".

Now that I've blabbed about hoops and the bracket I'm not making, here's the video I meant to center this post about... and then didn't:

Yay, science!


Lauren said...

I need to watch this video because my husband is obsessed with sports. Now that it's NFL free agency, he is constantly checking twitter and texting his dad with the latest news. It's a little crazy. I will definitely fill out a bracket based on which cities and mascots I prefer. Needless to say, I am unlikely to win the billion dollars!

Alex[andra] said...

I appreciate the disclaimer to us Canadians, haha.

BLovedBoston said...

You're gifs are hilarious!! I saw on the Today show this morning that you're more likely to win the lottery (currently at $400 million) than getting the perfect bracket for the NCAA tournament!! My Gators (alma mater) are seeded #1!!!! Chomp Chomp!!

Tracey said...

March Madness is actually pretty big here in Canada too...the old law firm I worked at in Toronto used to have a firm wide March Madness pool!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited for March Madness! My alma mater (Western Michigan University) actually made it in this year so I'll be rooting them on! And my family has always been die-hard University of Michigan fans.. U of M is seeded #2 in the Midwest so I've got them going pretty far!

brooke lyn said...

YOU USED MY MOST FAVORITE GIF EVER!!! that jayhawks locker room one is the bestest. God i have watched it so, so many times.

Amanda Elizabeth said...

My Gators sucked so bad in football at least we can watch them in Basketball!!!!