Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rant-astic Friday

First let me start this post with a #Humblebrag:

It's the 19th and I'm still 100% successful with my no ice cream in July goal!! Even in the sweltering muggy heat of Toronto in July.


Before we get into the rest of this post, please let me warn you of the sarcasm and ranting you're going to experience through the next few scrolls on your laptop.


I only ran ONE measly mile this week. One. And it was muggy. Aspirations of the hotel gym, running, swimming, hot tubbing and relaxing turned into late late nights and early mornings. So late and so early that I left a light on in the bathroom to avoid falling into a deep sleep. I've run 41 miles this month and have a lot to catch up on.

Frustrated much?


Next - hotel refrigerator. You had ONE Job. Why on earth, hotel, would you have a refrigerator in the room that is not *Actually* a refrigerator at all and says that 'perishable items will spoil'. That would have been a wonderful thing to realize before I got a week's worth of groceries on Monday and have had to keep everything constantly on melting ice all week. 


Hey Subway guy, why did you have so much attitude last night? It was 10pm, I just did a 1 mile run, I was hungry, you were grouchy, you berated me for not telling you I only had an American Express card and you didn't even offer me the sandwich that I walked out of the restaurant without. It just sat there in the bag at the cash register. I hope you ate it, and in hindsight it was okay anyway because you were really cheap on the lunch meats. I wasn't happy.


Today I'll be carrying a 40 pound bag home that I barely utilized because I WAY overpacked with the rumor that I was going to stay two weeks, but now I have that endless dilemma of what to wear to the airport. Maxi Dress and flats or compression tights and sneakers? Either way I'm going to get crampy on the plane and probably going to spill coffee all over it so what's the point?


One final note before I board the plane - not getting an aisle seat on any flight longer than 1 hour then the person in the aisle seat doesn't need to get up once is just bad luck. Forrest says it all.


Ok done complaining - gotta go!


heart JE


Ashley said...

Yoga pants. Yoga pants were invented for airplane travel. I'm certain of it.

Rachel Sedaker said...

Haha, at least you have a sense of humor about the rant? That really sucks about the hotel fridge- seriously, what is the point? Safe travels and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

brooke lyn said...

now this is a rant done right! also the outfit you chose was the right idea. ain't nobody got time to be cute on a plane.

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