Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Happens When Men Golf All Weekend

Ladies, do you have a man in your life who likes to golf?

Mine is a golf-fanatic. When he's not playing golf, he's watching it, working two golf-related jobs, getting twitter notifications and following every bit of news in the industry.

If he had it his way, he would play 54 holes every weekend - exactly what he's done the past few days if we include his Monday night round. I haven't taken up a passion for the sport myself, so since we've been together I've suffered the pains of watching Dan spend his weekends with another woman on the golf course with his best buddies.

Doesn't he know how dangerous this could be? Leaving a 25 year old girl home alone on the weekend when there's Say Yes to the Dress marathons?!

Let's talk about what other trouble us ladies can get into when our guys are teeing it up.

We Watch 'Say Yes to The Dress" Marathons

Absolutely no shame, I spent more hours than I can count this weekend watching 'Say Yes to The Dress: Atlanta'. Now I have no idea what kind of dress I'd want, maybe one with pockets?

You can see how this could be dangerous for many reasons... I'm looking at dresses, thinking about my own future wedding (he hasn't even proposed), setting my own future wedding dress budget, thinking about colors, venue, setting, honeymoon, ring, future house, children's names, parenting style, how many children, saving for college.... see where I'm going. If he wasn't gone all day my mind would never go these places because quite frankly it all gives me a ton on anxiety to think about. Also, why are girls getting married at 17?? No.

Day Drinking

Oh yes, all by myself I had that last swig of Buffalo Trace. There's no better feeling than sipping whiskey in the afternoon (while blogging) and not having a care in the world. If man-friend was here there would be sharing - which is not allowed when it comes to the last few sips of Buffalo Trace. He's going to come home, feel left out from the party and there's nothing left for him to enjoy.

Not sorry.

We Work Out

Other than day drinking and lounging, boy being gone means the perfect excuse to get a long run in.

Definitely a good thing, but he pays for it double-time when I beg for a massage at night because I don't have the courage to bring out the torture tube foam roll to do it myself.

This is really your own doing, Dan guys.

We Shop, DIY, Browse Pinterest and Pamper Ourselves

What do we do when our guys are out of the house? We turn to what we know - shopping, blogs, pinterest and mani-pedi's. 

Actually not mani-pedi's because Dan likes those more than I do, but definitely internet shopping.

Now that I have a brand new shiny Amazon Prime account I spent way too much time this weekend browsing for everything from Paleo Cookbooks to fall booties.

Basically we internet creep while being fabulous.

We also get nails donehair did, DIY Glitter projects half-way done and future tattoo's planned out.

We Nap All Day

You wake me up early for your tee time, you bet that I'm going to nap all day. Then after I nap all day, I'm not going to be ready to go to bed at 9pm like you are, and you will face the wrath of me in bed on my iPhone, sharing funny instagram videos, pictures of #instacute puppies, kittens and definitely some Jenna Marbles videos.

Okay, so you may not feel the same way I do and you actually go golfing with the boys like Brooke, but I just don't get it.

Linking up with fun ladies who had better weekends than I did!


tbrehse said...

My man doesn't golf--he kayaks. Same thing. Ish. When he's gone, I get SO MUCH done. It's sad, really.

brooke lyn said...

i watched those same said episodes of say yes to the dress. brad might have been in the room.... it's what he gets for making me watch soccer all weekend.

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

So.. my boyfriend Noah has been gone for 2+ weeks. He comes back tomorrow. In the meantime, I have accumulated quite a lot of clothes from the Nordstroms half yearly sale, a lot of unnecessary Whole Foods treats, a bottle of wine and two bottles of liquor. Whoops- there might have been a whole season of House of Cards and many episodes of West Wing too. But I totally worked out every day since I had no incentive to come home early!

LG said...

Haha! this is hilarious! basically I blame all of my issues - from spending too much, eating too much, drinking too much - on the boo's absence (which usually means he's travelling for work or he's at cross fit). Sometimes he comes home and sees all the UPS boxes and asks if I'm throwing myself a personal christmas party, but generally he doesn't give me too hard a time...I take that to mean he knows its sort of his fault:)

Whitney said...

My dad is obsessed with golf. To the point that you can't talk to him if its on TV and he plays every Sunday and all day on Father's Day and his birthday. Seriously I have to time my phone calls to him on those days with the time difference (3 hours) and his golf game. Lol.

kathy@vodka and soda said...

hubs went golfing on sunday so it was just me and my daughter. we ended up fighting so that was a shitty time but it all worked out in the end.

Suzannah (@AdvDressmaking) said...

Wow, you are the master of GIFs! How do you collect all those?! ;) Sounds like a fab weekend, I definitely get a little crazy (while at home in my sweats) when my husband is gone. ;)

Meg said...

i wish my weekends without my husband were far and few in between, i feel i would be more productive that way. but he is a coach and has cross country or track meets most saturdays. i do enjoy some of those saturdays because it allows me to hang out with friends and do more of what i like to do :-) im glad you aren't one of those ladies who mope and pout when their man isn't around all weekend. also i laughed so hard at that graphic of the wedding dress having pockets for more snacks

Jessi said...

Nothing like boys away for the girls to play! Once a week I go through all my favorite GIF sites and bookmark all of the amazing things I see. I have hundreds stored up!

Katie Siloac said...

im loling because i did watch say yes to the dress all day when manfriend was out. haha

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Macey Snelson said...

Hahaha!! I actually love golfing, so I can't sympathize there, but I agree that watching "say yes to the dress" marathons is hazardous to, well, just about everything. I used to watch "a baby story" and "a love story" on TLC (do you remember those shows? no, just me? oh well) And I would daydream about my own wedding and family and everything that entails. And generally it would end in an intervention and/or full out panic attack. Lol!

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