Monday, July 8, 2013

That Time America Had a Party

Hello to all of you lucky people out there who are back to work today, self included.

It feels like ages since I last worked and honestly so much like summer vacation that the inner child in me just wants to jump on the trampoline and run through sprinklers all the way through mid-September.


The weekend was just what the doc ordered and allowed me to take a step back from everything that causes stress. It may have worked a little too well because waking up this morning was rough and I'm scared that I liked the no-work life a little too much. But I like my paycheck even more.

The weekend started off just right with a post work lift-heavy-things-and-put-them-back-down a'thon. It's been 4 years since college softball off season weight bulking the last time I did squats, on a rack, with 25+ lb plates and did super-sets with burpees. It's also been that long since I did cleans (not since I cleaned, mom!) and loved every minute of it. The reason I stayed after work to start the weekend was to take a friend to the airport, but I think I could get used to spending some time after work in front of the iron rather than with my foot on the brake on my commute through the city.

After getting a sweat on, I took a friend to the airport and a pit-stop at my favorite Portland restaurant, Montage! I'll never turn down some Spicy Mac n' Cheese and I'll always save leftovers for a cute little foil wrapped present to bring home for the next day's lunch.

Thursday was the day to celebrate America! I think she was thrown a pretty amazing party!

We didn't personally set off any fireworks, but Brooke and her man friend invited us over to their place for some time in the hot tub, BBQ, brews, Cards Against Humanity and we even made it back through downtown just in time to catch the main event over the Willamette River!

Not too busy on the Ross Island Bridge, but we were 'those people' and left before the finale because we had to get home to our little Holly!

The next most eventful thing I did all weekend was signed onto Twitter for the first time in ages (even though my blog auto-posts) and realized a few of the conversations I'd missed. Oops, I'll be better!

From sleeping in to visiting a mattress store to cuddling with a kitten all weekend, it was pretty rough for both Dan and I to face a 4am alarm today.

Holly agrees!

What did you get into this weekend? Did you give America the party it deserved?

heart JE


libertyonless said...

I'm feeling the same way this morning! Even a long weekend isn't long enough sometimes...haha


Jessi said...

I know, I feel so greedy to want some extra days off but I really do need 'em!

brooke lyn said...

oh good Holly didn't keep you from missing all of the fireworks! ;)

Jessi said...

On our way home we saw the open bridge opportunity so we stopped to get some 'water' at the convenience store and watched over the river!

Rachel Sedaker said...

I feel ya- this Monday is rough!

Jessi said...

And it's not even lunch time yet!!

aubrielegault said...

I didn't know you and Brooke were buddies. :) What is Cards of Humanity?!

Jessi said...

Yeah! We met close to two years ago! And cards against humanity is an unbelievably funny card game that's the adult version of Apples to Apples (if you know that game). Basically gets your mind IN the gutter and keeps it there.

Leah said...

Those are some beautiful pics of the fireworks.
Love the Montage, haven't been in ages!
Sadly we missed all fireworks since we had to stay with our dogs who were freaking out hard core.

Jessi said...

Aww that was nice of you though to stay with the pups!

At least maybe you got more sleep than I can say I did!

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

What, no photo of the lovely wrapped package from Montage? Love the fireworks and the cuteness of Holly kitty though, totally understand why you had to rush home and cuddle!

Jessi said...

I know! It was so dark in the restaurant that I didn't get the camera out for the flash, then put it in tupperware straight when I got home. #foilwaster. Holly is a cuddle monster, 100% !