Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August's Eight Great Goals

You guys almost had the pleasure of hearing the man behind the blog today.

I tried to get him to write a post because I didn't get to start writing until 10pm, but he plead a great case that he doesn't know how to write, or even read for that matter.

So instead of writing, I allowed him to take 100% control of August's Eight Great Goals and have to say I'm looking forward to what he's outlined for me.

1. Go See Something In Toronto

Cat's out of the bag! I'm heading back to Toronto for two weeks in August. This upcoming week I arrive mid-day Sunday and then the final week of August again, eh? 

Last time I was there this is one of the only non selfie/ non food photos I captured. At least the trip made for a decent rant

2. Have an Entire Week of Blogs Complete By Sunday Night (once)

What! Dan, I did a great job last month doing three blogs - I think he just likes me doing writing on the weekend so that I'm occupied and not whining about the golf addiction mentioned here.

**Also, does he realize that being done writing blogs is different than being done reading blogs? I don't know that he does.

3. Give Thanks Where Thanks are Due

I come home at night each day and feel like all of the work I'm doing is going un-thanked and unappreciated - so I can only imagine how my co-workers feel taking on all of my usual work on top of their own work the past few weeks.

I do thank them, but I probably don't do it nearly enough. I also don't thank Dan nearly enough for all of the things he helps me with at home

4. Don't Say the Word "Hate"

Yeah, this one is solid. I love to say the word 'hate'.

"I hate you", "I hate this", "You hate me", "Holly Hates us", "Everyone hates you". "I hate ice cream"

It's all in fun and always sarcastic, but saying 'hate' just projects negative energy and life's too good to be living so bad.

5. Get Home Before 7pm on Weeknights

Um, I really hope this means more date nights? And if not more date nights at least more wine nights? Let's discuss.

6. Run During the Work Day

I used to knock out so many miles in my previous job during the actual workday and it made life a lot easier for everyone. I'm not going to get in the same situation I did in July with having 46 miles in the last 6 day - there's got to be a better way to budget my time.

7. Say No

Ha-ha this vine clip below says it all.

Sadly the first things I've already said 'no' to that impact this month are Hood To Coast and Intramural League Softball. Next 'No' needs to be something that means more fun, not less fun.

8. Have Drinks with Friends 

This is a no-brainer. I used to do two or three nights out with ladies during the week, even karaoke on weeknights! I just can't party anymore like I used to, but that doesn't mean that I can't meet up for a Happy Hour after work at least once this upcoming month (even with only 14 days in the country).

There you have it. This is what I'm tracking to all month.

When you're ready come get it


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Giving thanks is so important! I also have the bad habit of "hating" things.. totally dumb and a waste of time to complain so strongly : ) Also, Holly definitely doesn't hate you.. you feed and cuddle her!

brooke lyn said...

i hate that i don't get to see you as i better be one of the people on that drink, drank, drunk list...even if i have to bring vino2gos to your desk

Jessi said...

You are AT THE TOP of the drink drank drunk list <3

Suzannah (@AdvDressmaking) said...

You must really trust your guy to let him make goals for you! I hope they're exactly what you would have chosen for yourself if you'd been in a calm state. I know I have a hard time setting priorities when I'm stressed. It's too bad you don't feel appreciated at your job!!! Hopefully thanking others will help!

I had all of the week's blog posts ready last Sunday night and it felt sooooo good! I haven't done that in months!

Pech said...

I love how he is encouraging you to see more of Toronto, and also balance your work life by getting home early and spending some time with drinks and friends. But wow, Have an Entire Week of Blogs Complete By Sunday Night (once)? Wow.
I hope one day you can get your guy to write his perspective!

Rachel Sedaker said...

I like that Dan gave you goals to help you kick back and enjoy life outside of work more!

Whitney said...

I love that you had him give you some goals, and these seem like pretty solid ones to improve things. Best of luck :)

Macey Snelson said...

Oh Em Gee. I'm dying over those Vine videos!!! Good luck on your 8 goals... they sound superb!

Lauren said...

He did a great job with your goals! And scheduling posts is pretty much the best thing ever. Good luck!

Katie Siloac said...

oh i love dont say the word hate. good one!

kathy@vodka and soda said...

love that toronto is part of your goal list! i love this city :)

Jessi said...

One Hundred Percent trust :) I love getting the posts pre-written, makes blog life so carefree!

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