Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TED Tuesday: Start a Movement

My friends, you are in for a major treat today!

I believe this was one of the very first TED Talks I was ever exposed to (thanks, brother!) and it still resonates with me today.

What I seriously love about this video is how organic and pure a movement can be. What begins as a wild, carefree and maybe a little inebriated concert-goer enjoying some music and letting his body groove [who hasn't been there?] turns into a full-blown party thank you to the first of many followers who courage and confidence.


It's no doubt that you've been told for your entire life that leadership is an invaluable quality. That's because it is. But if we were all leaders, then who would we be leading and what changes would we really be making?

For a leader to be effective, it's necessary to have a first follower.

Not a follower like that pesky fly that kept landing on your hamburger this weekend, but a follower who will support the leader's vision. A follower who will stick their neck out for their leader and a follower who will give other followers an example.

As you'll see in the short video, one follower, two followers, three followers and all of a sudden the dance of the young and free is less risky, more fun and the hippest place to be.

Take a look and tell me - who would you rather be, the lone nut or the first follower?

[ted id=814]

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brooke lyn said...

taking me back to sociology 101 in college

Jessi said...

and you're welcome for that!