Sunday, September 8, 2013

Belated Anniversary Weekend

Let me tell you about the wonderful weekend we just had.

Dan and I had our actual anniversary on August 19th and unfortunately hadn't yet been able to celebrate.  We both think that this weekend was exactly what the doctor called for.

This handsome guy treated me to dinner and a movie Friday evening (Yes, some nights I consider popcorn 'dinner'):

We made it home that evening at a decent time and the next thing I knew I woke up Saturday morning at 10am. While my facebook and instagram feeds were going crazy with collegiate tailgates and trash talking, my dear and I laid in bed falling in and out of sleep - not actually getting out of bed until 3:30 PM!

Trying to be normal human beings, we watched a few of the remaining evening games while I caught up on some work and went out for a run.

To cap the day off, Dan surprised me with an incredibly sweet dinner where we left the house at 10pm.

He said that he was taking me to Red Lobster for endless shrimp to symbolize our 'endless relationship'. Ha-ha I sure love him.

At first he shaved his pokeys and put on a dress shirt - then I told him he had better put some comfortable clothes on as we were about to go get heavy with some meat sweats!

Sunday of course was non-stop NFL with a happy Chicago Bears fan at my side. I went for two different runs and did my best to remember which players he has on his Fantasy Football team and why he gets upset when the team he wants to win is doing well but it's because of a player on the opposing fantasy player's team.

I'll get better - honey, I swear!


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Chelsee (@etagurl89) said...

Stopping by from Sami's! Glad that you were able to celebrate the anniversary, and wow those shrimp look yummy! Have a great day!

Jasmine said...

Endless Shrimp. Can't wait to max on some shrimp scampi from Red Lobster for birthday next week Monday!! Looks like a fun weekend!!

Lauren said...

I have quit trying to follow my husband's FF moods. so best of luck to you!

And lazing in bed until 3:30 sounds like a dream to me! Glad you guys finally got to celebrate!

brooke lyn said...

shrimp sweats?! sign me up!!!!!

Liz said...

Girl sometimes you just need a fun, relaxing weekend. And yours sounds perfect! What movie did you guys see? And hilarious about the endless shrimp for your endless love. Too perfect!

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