Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't Make Me Get Out Of Bed

There's something about end-of-summer weekends with long runs, football and cozy time that make it difficult to find the motivation to pull out the laptop and blog about my weekend - much less blog five posts for the entire week! I've come to terms with being an inconsistent blogger with so much travel and added work hours lately, but I also attribute it to doing my best to enjoy the last few days of summer before the forecast turns to muck.

I have a happy boyfriend today because his Chicago Bears won a close one yesterday and he has the entire week off from the office.

You have a tired Jessi today because, well, it's Monday and I have a list of reasons why I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. 

1. I fell asleep at midnight after we watched the 3rd to last episode of Breaking Bad.

2. Dan and I are house sitting for my jet-setting parents and their puppies are just too cute.

3. Dan has the entire week off from work. (booo-hissss!)

4. It's dark all the way through to 7am and I'm on the road by 5:20am (get a life Jessi)

5. The commute while house-sitting is 20 minutes longer

6. We destroyed the Steak & Endless Shrimp dinner at Outback Steakhouse last night (something about weekends and endless shrimp)

7. Destroying the eats below = no desire to wear pants. period.

So there you have it!

Running, Football, Cuddles, Naps and Face-stuffing filled my wonderful weekend.

Can you blame me for wanting to hang out with these adorable faces all day? (Bailey not pictured)

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Melissa said...

Stopping by from Sami's Linkup.

I am a grumpy bear at the office this morning so I totally feel your Monday!

Love your blog :)

--Melissa xo

Lauren said...

OMG Breaking Bad. Can you handle it? Last night was oh so good, I don't think I breathed during the scene at the White House...

brooke lyn said...

so is dan the man taking the week off to watch the puppies or get his gamer on?

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

The puppies look so cute and huggable! Aawww. And word to eating so much you go home and want to relax with no pants! Ultimate indulgence!

Rachel Sedaker said...

This morning was hard- I'm always sad when it stays dark later in the morning. I hope you have a great week!

Kasey said...

Is that the bloomin' onion?! Oh my gosh, those are so delicious...I can sit there and eat them all day!
Jealous that your man has the entire week off. I wish! And you're on the road BY 5:20am?! Oh girl, that is not right.

Sarah said...

That food looks so good as I sit here wondering what to have for dinner! Ha!
Cute blog! :)

mackensie said...

Pants are overrated for sure.

Anna said...

That pic of your man with the pup is awesome! :)