Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheat So Hard

Some of you may remember two months back when I announced that I was going to go down the Paleo path to help myself eat cleaner, reduce stress and improve my overall health.

I flood your Instagram feeds with my #hashtag #Paleo #omgSOyummy meals because Paleo is my main squeeze and I can see us in a long healthy relationship together.

As a promoter of a healthy lifestyle through food and running I feel that I owe you a sincere confession for all of the cheating I've been doing lately (on Paleo, sweetheart!)

It all started to fall off the wagon when I was in Toronto for the second time and had a piece of pizza here, a few tortilla chips there, maybe even some delicious croutons on a salad.  Beer and wine added into the mix and I forgot the reasons I'd started Paleo. Through travelling back and forth I was able to use that as an excuse for not being strict with a schedule, a meal plan and even my food prep has been non-existent.

I still do an amazing job at avoiding latte's, yogurt, cheese, bread and some of my bigger past offenders, but there's been a few 'occasions' where the amazing food groups you see below have been devoured, craved and even begged for.


- Fiery Doritos Locos Taco | Taco Bell

- Endless Shrimp | Red Lobster

- Steak and Endless Shrimp | Outback Steakhouse

- Reese's Blizzard | Dairy Queen

- Grape Licorice | All the places

I act like Dan is the instigator but I'm pretty sure even the golden retrievers would be witness to Monday night when Dan was looking in the produce drawer asking what I wanted for dinner and only a quick "TCBLL" was blurted from my mouth. Like I was ashamed to be saying it out loud but knowing that it was going to feel so right.

That fateful night Dan didn't hesitate to jump in the car and get almost every food group on the menu so that I could 'sample'. As always, he picked up the slack when I was too full and my eyes out-ordered my stomach.

Our meal included but was not limited to:

  • Mexican Pizza (1)

  • Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos (3)

  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch (2)

  • Smothered Burrito (1)

  • Volcano Nachos (1)

  • Fiesta Beef Taco Salad (1)

None of that was paleo, by the way.

So all I'm asking is for someone to help me be more like this adorable baby koala please and not be so bad at life? K Thanks!


Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

I think maybe the paleo thing needs to be revisted... life is better with beer and wine and tacos, but in moderation ; ) I think you rock for the paleo thang but maybe loosening the reigns will make you feel less guilty for the TBell runs (and yes, that is one impressive order for Dan alone *wink*).

Melissa said...

I'm so bad for cheating on my diet too!

I haven't fully embraced the paleo lifestyle but I've been eyeing it up lately. I just have a hard time thinking about giving up cheese and bread.

pechluck (@pechluck) said...

I can't imagine life without beer and wine. And, I totally understand that sometimes, you just hear the Taco Bell ringing... I sometimes get the craving for White Castle too but unfortunately they are not here in Portland! So I end up with a happy hour cheeseburger and then the desire to do intense Zumba the next day :) Maybe you just can't be in a 100% committed relationship with Paleo, but can manage a certain # of days?

Rachel Sedaker said...

I agree with Marisa- maybe some moderation is called for? That way you can lessen the guilt, which will in turn lessen the stress.

brooke lyn said...

taco bell. why do you sound so good right now?

Lauren said...

It is hard to be anywhere outside your house and still eat well. I am paying the price for that this week. I am sure you'll be back at it in no time and a cheat every so often is okay, right? At least it is in my book!

Lizzie D said...

Oh the bread, cheese and wine! Not sure I could handle excluding them from my life. I say moderation is the key to most things :) Still, I really want to read up on Paleo.

Yvonne King said...

I totally understand the need to cheat on your diet, it is going to happen, no matter what healthy path you are following. It helps me to have "cheat boundaries." For me, it's sweets, so if I want say, a cookie, I have to make it from scratch. That way it requires some effort to cheat. I have to REALLY want the cookie, if I'm going to bother baking a whole batch. (The other part of that cheat boundary is I make my husband take the REST of the batch to work ASAP, so I don't eat too many). Maybe a good cheat for you would be to only cheat at a super-nice restaurant/fancy date night? Then you not only get a cheat night, but a fun night out ;)

addicted2fries said...

I have been living the Paleo Life for almost a month. It's going great so far. I feel better. I've lost weight, and I'm getting used to the caveman requirements. However, I do crave a delicious cupcake at least once a week! I am consciously deciding not to have a cheat day or meal. This is a challenge, but for me, I feel it's the best. I appreciate hearing your story and look forward to reading future posts.

Kasey said...

You can't ignore the craving for a blizzard. You just can't! ;D