Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September's Eight Great Goals

Oh my it feels nice to be back in the blogging groove.

I still feel a bit sidelined as I'm not as available to read / comment or reply to your lovely comments. That means if you get a response you know you've made it big time or just caught me in a free moment - lucky you! Also don't be alarmed if my responses and online presence is all on the weekend. A girl does what a girl has to do.

This post is a little belated as I'm normally slinging this at you on the first blog-day of the month, so hopefully that's not a sign of what's to come in the upcoming 26 days.

I am so jealous that my mom and dad are heading to Luxembourg today to get two weeks with brother and meet his wonderful girlfriend who I've seen a few times over Skype. I usually get to make a trip to Europe in the summer - especially since he's lived there - and am missing that flight across the pond to see my brother.

Look at what I'm missing!

Enough moping about a trip I don't get to take as I've been travelling enough lately - It's time for goal setting!

September's Eight Great Goals

1. Go Get My Diploma's

Did you know that I graduated from Portland State in the Spring of 2009 and still haven't picked up my three pieces of paperwork? I'm not sure what I'm planning to do with it when I have it - but enough is enough, Jessi!

2. Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary

We missed celebrating last month and I'm not going to let it happen this month. I don't care where you take me honey just make me feel like I'm the most important thing in your world. No phone, no distractions, just us.

3. Watch an entire Chicago Bears NFL Game

Dan has challenged me to watching an entire game with no phone and no laptop. I don't believe I can be that extreme but I can at least make sure I don't choose to go running (conveniently) while the kickoff happens. Plus, day drinking.

4. Appreciate Myself

Sometimes when you feel like you're not getting what you need from others, you have to find ways to give what you need to yourself. Right now I feel like that's appreciation, support and care - so why can't I offer that up to myself? ... I can!

5. Spread Out the Running

100 Miles again - it never changes. Let's do myself a favor this month and not make excuses when I could be getting ahead of my mileage and not piling it all on myself for the weekend - especially if an unplanned Toronto trip comes my way!

6. Sister Time

Since mom and dad will be having a blast in Europe, Dan and I will be watching the blonde Golden Retriever sisters for a week. I want to make sure that I get some time with them as well since we don't get them very often - and especially since Dan has taken a week off from work to play!

7. Insert and Be Assertive

I've been unlike myself at work lately. I'm such a servant and will do what I'm asked/told -  but I'm also cocky and proud of the work I do. I hope to use this month to own up to the great work I'm doing, speak up when I am the expert on something and really turn this project around when it comes to the way we are handling the hundreds of issues coming our way. Own up to my greatness and stand tall because I know I deserve to feel proud.

8. Use My Lovely Camera

I adore my camera but haven't had much use out of it since I'm not home during normal daylight hours. Weekends are my opportunity to get back in the swing and enjoy the last few short weeks of evening sunlight before the skies turn dark and the weather is gloom. Maybe even an outfit post....?

Thanks everyone for loyally coming back and reading after I took a pause in August - you mean the world to me!



Lauren said...

I graduated from college in 2007 and my diploma is still in the cardboard envelope in the closet... but you do NEED to go pick it up! And sometimes football is more fun when you can trash talk on twitter. Great goals!

Helene said...

awesome goals!! that picture is sooo pretty! and 100 miles, that is a great goal!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

Frame that diploma, lady! Someday when you have a big fancy office you'll want it hanging up there :) So jealous of your week long date with the golden girls.. at least that is some benefit to not going on the Euro vacation? Sorry, not helpful haha. My suggestion to Dan is to take you out to some amazing sushi (not paleo, I know I know) after your normal pedicure date and then get froyo. Or, if you guys really want to be fancy, brainstorm a brand new restaurant to try and wine and dine each other!

Rachel Sedaker said...

Wow, #4 really hits home. It's not something I ever really considered. I hope you take the time to appreciate yourself this month! You've been working hard, so you deserve it!

Rob Moses Photography said...

Awesome picture. That place looks cool!