Monday, September 16, 2013

TED Tuesday: Demise of Guys

All I have to say from watching this video is "You go girls!"

This video that clocks in under 6 minutes immediately caught my attention late last night because I knew 1.3 million viewers couldn't be wrong.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo quickly shocks our systems with hard facts like "Boys are 30% more likely than girls to drop out of school", "Girls out-perform guys through all levels of school" and that "Boys are 5x more likely than girls to have attention deficit disorder."

His argument rests on the thought that boy's (also grown men's) brains are being digitally rewired by the rising use of the internet and the decreasing engagement in social settings - especially interactions with us pretty ladies of the world.

A reported steady increase of male shyness and social awkwardness is nothing to laugh at. This leads to less eligible men to choose from (all my single ladies), more painful situations, awkward conversations, bad dates and just less fun - amiright? 

Excessive internet use and gaming (ahem, Dan) are arousal addictions and therefore are much more harmful as the users are continuously looking for something new, something fresh and something that they've never experienced before.

All of a sudden I realize why Dan has to have 7 new video games this fall, a brand new console that X-Box has come out with and ultimately the reason why he took this week off from work (okay, yes, also to play with puppies - lucky guy). It's also the reason he "forgot" to come to bed last night (honey, c'mere!)

So who should care about the "Demise of guys"?

Probably you, probably me, maybe anyone who ever hopes to be a parent, an educator.

Especially all you ladies out there who want a real man to talk to, who can dance with you and even reads your blog for more than just your use of gifs.


[ted id=1206]


brooke lyn said...

seeya never, doods.

Lauren said...

Wow. Crazy to think about but it does make sense. I feel it myself with the twitter/IG need to always have something fresh to read so I can see it on a different scale in men!

mdott922 said...

Wow...I need to get my husband to watch this (my husband who also forgot to go to bed last night, thanks to a new video game!)