Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back, JumpingJE

Good morning friends and family! It's great to be back.

I returned from another week in Toronto on Saturday to the sight of this handsome man who loves me with all his heart. Melt (not just from the summer heat!)

Flowers, treats and a sign (not pictured) made me feel like a special lady at the end of a difficult week - he's the greatest.

Okay, so I'm not the first one to have this question in blog land but can all Mondays be like yesterday? It was amazing.

Dan and I went to mom and dad's house to enjoy breakfast, play with puppies and give me additional excuses to stay away from my laptop for a few more hours. Just a few.

My mom has been religiously paleo for the past 4 months and looks amazing - she's my inspiration to get back on the serious wagon because these travel weeks have been rough on the physique (ahem - pizza, sandwiches, beer, greek food). First step is getting all of the right foods back in the house to support my clean eating aspirations so I'm not trapped in my own home with a pantry full of vices. My guy loves carbs, sugars, salt and snacks. There was not a vegetable to be found when I returned home Saturday.

Okay maybe some old carrots. Those don't count.

The ultimate best thing this week brings is my boss. It's been 5 weeks since he was last in the office and I'm thrilled he enjoyed a wonderful sabbatical, but seriously have missed his support and him being the 'shield' for our strong and resilient team. It'll be another busy month, but I'm happy to take it on - Jessi style.

Get here soon Friday - I need some more of these good sleeps that only a weekend can provide!



Lauren said...

Weekend naps are the best! Welcome back to reality with all of the good and bad that comes with it!

brooke lyn said...

you're alive!!!!

Rachel Sedaker said...

Welcome back! Here's hoping this week is a fast one!