Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All That She Wants another baby! 

No, we aren't talking Ace of Base here today, we are talking about all of the things that I want for Christmas.

Before you go straight to to use your Prime account mom, let me explain that I expect nothing from this list for a handful of reasons. Too much money, impossible to gift to me or just silly things that I might impractically want and don't exactly need. 

Feed the children instead!

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:: LASIK Eye Surgery

Not only are contacts a minor inconvenience, I am the worst at keeping them in great condition. I have my contacts in over 16 hours a day and very often find myself falling asleep with them still in my eyes. I have two pairs of glasses, but those just aren't the same. Who wants to fork over the dollars and the gift of a steady eye while they slice away at my cornea.

:: Garage to Park my Car in

I've had my car since November of 2004 and to this day my black stallion has never had her own garage to park in. Sure there's driveways, carports and college student lots - but she's never had a cozy place to rest hear weary wheels at night. My home right now has a 2 car garage but there's a heavy and fragile pool table in there that takes precedent. Maybe someday, focus.

:: A Maid - 2x a Month

A maid to make my bed, to scrub the surfaces, to rinse out my tupperware (and get the sriracha stains out), to wash, fold and put away laundry. To clean out Tiger's fish tank and to mop the linoleum kitchen floor. I saint who does toilets, who applies windex to mirrors and who will organize my scarf collection since I throw them around the house. 

:: Self-Fueling Car (+ Maintenance)

Speaking of my car, it'd be amazing if there was a way to never have to stop in to a gas station again, to never have to go too long past when an oil change is due and to not have to worry about how many times my tires have been rotated. Can we make this happen? And maybe throw in no traffic if we are being generous. 

:: Hair Color & Nails for Life

Hair cut/color trips are expensive and frequent mani/pedi trips would add up even quicker. Currently I treat myself to maybe 2 hair cut/color sessions per year, and do mani/pedi maybe once every 2 months. Right now my highlights are growing out from the roots and this weekend I went to get my nails done in a sassy holiday red. It would be a win/win/win to do all the things more often.

:: Annual Travel Budget

I'm a lady who likes to travel and I like to explore when I do it. I would love to have 3 consecutive weeks a year to take off from work and travel new parts of the world. "You can" is what many of you might be thinking, but I don't have enough money to make that happen with other goals I've set for myself. Where would I go? Australia, South America, Asia, anywhere! Book the trip and let's go!

So, again - these aren't real things that I'm asking for but I wouldn't be upset if any of these became a reality in 2014.
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Whitney Alison said...

I think this is a damn good list. I'll take one of everything!

brooke lyn said... another baby..ohhhhahohhh. and by that i mean.... unlimited money to travel to Europe.

Andrew said...

I'd like the self fueling and maintaining car too please.

Kasey Lynne said...

you can just go ahead and add my name to this list for all of this stuff as well...except a garage, i have one of those. don't hate me!

ace of base...throwback!

Lauren said...

I am also dreaming of a twice a month maid! That isn't asking for too much, is it?

Alissa said...

A maid - that'd be lovely!

Luckily, I found a great hairdresser (I went to HS with her) who highlights my entire head and cuts my hair for $50. I go every 6-8 weeks!

^^ Brag much...sorry :(

Brittany Leigh said...

Amen to eye surgery! I absolutely hate wearing contact and my glasses or so ugly! Where's a couple thousand when you need it!!