Friday, December 20, 2013

I've Got a Gift Idea For You

If you're looking for a last minute gift for a loved one or you simply want to start the new year off right by pampering yourself, I've got the perfect idea. 

This week I was invited to experience something called "Floating" at The Float Shoppe in Northwest Portland. 

If you've never heard of floating (like I hadn't), it's a sensory deprivation experience in which you get into a float tank filled with enough epsom salts to allow your body to float freely and effortlessly. The session is 90 minutes of pure relaxation and brain rejuvenation. Your time can be spent playing in the water, exploring the boundaries of your tank, letting your mind drift off and even fall asleep in a soothing weightless existence.

My visit began by meeting the team at the Float Shoppe and being seated in the lobby with my feet in the warm spa and tea cradled in my hands. Us first time floaters were briefed on what to expect and how to prepare bodies and minds to get the most out of our session. 

I was in the Floatarium Float Tank (view three tank options here) which is extra spacious and has a closed-lid for the ultimate escape from outside distractions. All rooms offer sound proofing and light-blocking, but something about the closed pod made me fall even deeper into the experience. 

After inserting my ear plugs and taking my shower, my first dip into the water had me giggling. There's seriously no feeling like the first time you feel yourself weightless. If you've ever floated in a pool it's like that but with zero effort. Like this little guy:

My first 20 minutes were spent playing around in the water. Moving my body from side to side, pushing off the sides of the tank to explore the boundaries. Once I felt settled into my tank, I laid in beautiful silence, eyes open or closed didn't matter, and fell into a place between awake and asleep. The feeling to have only my mind turned on with my body free to relax was surreal. A place where meditation and creativity will flourish given an open mind. 

I did not fall asleep during the session, but seriously believe that having a tank installed in my future custom built home is on my to-do list. 

If you're interested to learn more about my experience, check out Portland's Float Shoppe on their website here. 90 Minute Sessions are $60 and the Shoppe is located in the city on NW 23rd. 

** Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary float with the possibility of review from The Float Shoppe.  All opinions are my own.


brooke lyn said...

question: did you get pruney?! i hate that feeling

Dylan Schmidt said...

Jessi! Pleasure having you at the shoppe and thanks for the lovely writeup! So great to meet you.

Stay warm,

Marisa said...

This sounds like an amazing experience! What a perfect time to treat yourself to this, and an interesting and new pampering idea.

Whitney Alison said...

This sounds so cool! I wish there was a place near me to do this, because I totally would.