Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Amazing Thing I Realized

There's a little quirk about me that you won't often see and really bothers me about myself.

Somehow I can go from happy-go-lucky, this day is awesome, all things are great to instantly frustrated, don't-talk-to-me, if-I-get-asked-that-question-one-more-time-I-swear-I'll.... deflated.

So something like this happened to me yesterday morning and not even the most upbeat songs from my spotify playlist could get my sprits up. Trust me, I tried everything even my guilty pleasure song.

It wasn't until I scrolled through my facebook and instagram feeds mid-day when my world turned around because I realized that it's finals week and i'm not in college anymore.

So first of all, I made a huge grin and did a little bit of this:

Then I remembered all of the horrible feelings about what Finals week used to be like. 

For the new ones around here, I played Division I softball and had a pretty rigorous schedule both athletically and scholastically. Terms were anywhere from 16-22 credits as I double majored and minored. Meaning sleep was a commodity and finals week was never a breeze. 

I literally made it though with coffee binges and the multiple safety-net alarms through the middle of the night to keep me awake as I attempted to pull all-nighters... multiple ones in a row. 

By day three of practice and studying, my optimistic mood would turn into sad and doomsday toddler tantrum, whining and begging for just a NAP!

Then in those final prep classes, all of the professors would try to hint that some obscure joke they made during the 3rd class of the term, you know the one you missed because of a practice that ran late. That silly reference was going to be included in the final too. 

What really chapped my hide was the fact that on top of tuition and textbooks, we had to buy scantrons, #2 pencils and blue books for each class. I mean really, "I spend enough money already on this class!!! You provide the *&^%^ materials."

Then the worst among worsts was when the KIA of the class (know it all) would be the first one to drop the pencil loudly, pack up their things loudly and walk to the front of the room with a huge grin on their face....loudly.

Okay, ha-ha. I was probably the KIA in some classes. Hate me.

For all of you who are still in school, studying for something or you're just having a bad week, I'm sorry. This one's for you!

Then if you're with me and you're no longer in college, raise a glass and toast all of the fabulous people who have made it through just like you have. Cheers! 


Rachel Sedaker said...

Haha, yes! Cheers to no more papers and finals! I always felt awkward being the first one finished with a test- like maybe I must have done something wrong to be finished so early...

brooke lyn said...

you would have totally been the KIA even if you stayed up all night to be it.

MacKensie said...

WOO HOO! There IS one perk of no longer being in college!! :)

Lauren said...

Uggg I forgot how much buying scantrons was a pain in the ass. I work at a law school now and we at least provide those. And blue books. So glad I'm not there anymore!

Whitney Alison said...

I don't miss finals week. At. All. @ years out :)