Monday, December 9, 2013

There's an Easy Button

So we may not still be friends after you read this post.

It's not because you'll be mad - but I think you'll realize that I was the kid who sat alone at the lunch table and read a book during recess. You know, rather than playing wall-ball or gossiping like everyone else.

So the dentist appointment Friday went as expected and I left with a swollen face. There was no way I was going back into the office that way, so I headed home to finish out the day in the comfort of my bed with blankets, sweats and music as loud as I wanted. 

Normally that equates to cutting out a little early and getting the weekend started, right?

Not when you have this cramazing (crazy-amazing) 1,000 page textbook to play with: Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA

Lately in the job-world I've felt stuck in a routine. In an attempt to not "do more" or stretch myself too thin, I've turned to seeking ways I can improve on my skills and save time.

Basically what the book is teaching me is how to write code in the background of Excel files so that all of the manual work (clicking, copy/paste, moving from sheet to sheet, typing formulas, formatting) is all done for me. The amazing part about this? The "work" in the background literally flashes right before your eyes in seconds. 

The major nerd alert part of this story?

I spent my entire Friday night and most of the weekend doing this. Reading, researching, trial/error and scratching my head all equated to a visible cut of close to 30 minutes of my own workday. Not only that, but I fixed some tricks up for co-workers and probably shaved 30 minutes off their day as well! 

Literally that easy (after you put in the work up front).

Press a button. Do a happy dance. 

If only blogging was this easy!

If you see me doing this in my office chair today you'll understand why:

Maybe I can go enjoy my lunch away from my desk today?

Hooray for easy buttons!


Whitney Alison said...

Lunch away from your desk? What is this magic lol.

brooke lyn said...

you just saved yourself 15 mins. you better leave your desk for that amount of time then.

Mandee said...

I would pay you to teach me what you learned :)

Rachel Sedaker said...

Hahahaha- that is nerdy, but I totally get it.