Monday, January 6, 2014

Always Go With Your Gut

You know when you're faced with a choice and your gut tells you something, but then your mind starts to overthink your choice and you end up going a different direction?

Well it happened to me this weekend and boy did it hurt. 

I'm in a College Bowl Game Pick'em league where just 3 weeks ago I went through and selected my winner for all of the bowl games and ranked them by the number of points I wanted my choice to be counted for. So, naturally not having followed much of college football this year, I was at a steep disadvantage. 

I threw in my $20, I rolled the dice and selected the teams I wanted and hit save.

I really didn't look at it much for the first two weeks as I saw myself at the bottom of the group and I was going to get dead last.

But then, my friends, then - I checked to see just HOW dead last I was. It turns out I wasn't.

I was approaching the top of the league, fast.

I started to really look at the guesses I'd made and realized I "mistakenly" chose Arkansas State to beat Ball State, and all the signs were pointing me to change my choices. So, learning at this point that I could still edit my pick, I changed it to Ball State winning.

Smugly I sat atop the league, getting my Beyonce on.

Then, Sunday when the game was on and Arkansas State was up by 6 points, I stopped everything I was doing and watched the entire fourth quarter. The game kept getting interesting but the wind stayed in Arkansas State's favor. I looked at the rest of the league and only one other person chose Arkansas State, but they only had 2 points on the line.... I had 31 HUGE points on the line. 

Disappointing play after disappointing play led to a Ball State loss (23-20), and to cap it all off it ended with a blocked kick for that extra 3 to tie it. Ughhhh. I still sit in first place and am guaranteed top 3, but NOT CHANGING my mind would have given me a secured victory and a profit of $130. 

Mind, you suck. 

Let's go Auburn, I've put all my eggs in one basket. Can you save the day for me? I promise I'll use my winnings wisely.


brooke lyn said...

and this right here is why i can't do fantasy football ! march madness gives me enough stress.

Marisa said...

Booo!!! So sorry to hear this. To help you out, I have a great bean dip that is going up on my blog soon to help you out with those paleo football snacks.

Whitney Alison said...

Isn't it awful when that happens! Eeep, here's hoping to Auburn holding out for ya!

Dillion Dees said...

I got roped into one of these things. I had Ball State last night too. Can't believe the way it ended! My big win was Clemson over Ohio St. I need Florida St. to win to stay alive in mine though. Go Seminoles!!! Sorry JE ;)

MacKensie said...

YESSSS GO AUBURN solely for the purpose of Florida State not winning and you making a profit. WOO HOO!