Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Do Not Control the Universe

In my 26 years on this earth I've learned one solid truth many times. 

Many times? 

Yeah, I guess it's like the science facts you learned in 6th grade, the grammar from 4th grade or the calculus from high school - you forget as you age and the games get more serious.

This wicked game that I'm talking about is the fact that I do not control the universe. Nobody does

 photo ControltheUniverse.png

Why is this so hard for me to remember?

I suppose some would call me a passionate person. I get fired up about the way you should put toilet paper on the roll (over, not under...) and the way you put soap into a washing machine (on top of the clothes, before you start the water). I get extra passionate when it comes to my future, like my career or my family or the people I want in my life. I wouldn't say that I want control of my universe because let's be real, that's way too much pressure. But sometimes the uncertainty and disorder I feel gets me about as uncomfortable as having a wedgie in skinny jeans. Just kidding, I technically always have a wedgie, sorry dad.

Let's take a look at the facts.

The only things in life that I can control are my own actions, my own attitude and the way I carry myself. Check. I do not control the way people react to me. I do not control the way that events unfold in front of my eyes. Especially when these eyes are closed tight as I dive headfirst into the water. 

No matter how hard I wish and hope and think I can, I can't orchestrate every step of my life. There's fate, there's chance and there's circumstance. Without these divine interventions and free will, my life would be a much different life.

Had I not shaken the hand of an umpire at a softball game in High School, I may not work at Nike today. Had I not answered an email one day from my former coach, I would have not met my dear friend Brooke. Had I not been at work the day that my job focus changed to Canada this year, I'd have missed out on some amazing opportunities and relationships. Had I done anything differently than I've done up until this point, my life would be a much different life. This is an important fact I have to remember, this and so much more. 

Patience is much easier said than done, right patient bear?

Since I feel full of wisdom, here's some other things I know and advice I want to share.

Dreams are worth having and worth working toward.
Things happen for a reason. 
Hard times are necessary and allow us to grow, to gain perspective, to foster experience. 
Light can be found everywhere, even in the darkest of days (Am I right, Portland?) 
Puppies and horses can be best friends.
Take your time.
Que Sera, Sera.
Brush your teeth.
Be kind to yourself.
Keep your eyes open.
Sleep under the stars.
Love with all your heart.

Dr. Jessi out. 


Lauren said...

My husband always calls me out when I say "Oh, the second time I met so and so..." because you only "meet" a person once. But no, I think I meet them until I know them. Like your learned thing. You hear it over and over until you GET it. And you are talking about things that are hard to get, but it looks like you are making strides.

Also, what is this laundry business? You start the water, add the soap, let it get bubbly, and THEN add the clothes! Thanks for making me realize how strongly I feel about this!

Whitney Alison said...

This post so reminds me of the crazy moments that got me to my present career. I shouldn't be here. Had it not been for a few choice moments I would be somewhere different. I personally know that I'm not in control. I have choices, and free will sure, but at the end of the day I give it all to someone else :) Great post my dear!

brooke lyn said...

but at least there is good music while you wait out the universe!

Ashley said...

I'm way too familiar with uncertainty and disorder. It makes me uncomfortable too and I have a hard time being patient! Great post!

Melissa Suggitt said...

and just like that I feel so much better from reading this.


Kayla Moothart said...

Well said. Well said.

Katie Elizabeth said...

This is something I also have to learn/tell myself often! I think back to some pretty crappy things that have happened to me and I can honestly pick out the things I WOULDN'T have that I can't imagine living without, had the bad stuff never happened. If that last sentence even made sense? Either way, I totally get where you are coming from!!