Friday, January 31, 2014

Fan Friday: Superbowl XLVIII Edition

So sorry to confuse anyone with yesterday's post. What was I even talking about anyway?

Of course I'm talking about how badly I want the Seattle Seahawks to win the Superbowl this Sunday!

 photo SeahawksvBroncos.png
Since I can't control the universe (and neither can you), all I can do it sit back with some paleo superbowl snacks, my trusty iPhone/iPad/MacBook and these drinking games for BOTH the superbowl and the puppy bowl. Actually can't go all the way on the drinking games since Monday's an important day at work, but I'm going to live vicariously through my instagram and facebook feeds. If I had to choose a drinking game to follow religiously it'd have to be puppy bowl. Chug when a dog gets humped? Genius! 

Wait, why do I want the Seahawks to win?
 photo Reason1.png
I live in Portland and since we only have and NBA and MLS team, I have to outsource my NFL and MLB rooting up north to our friends in the rainier city of Seattle. It's pretty natch (natural) for people in the northwest to feel this way about sharing professional teams. Kind of a shame, really. 

 photo Reason2.png
This Ape, named "Eli" of course, has called the last 6 Super Bowl winners. He's like the punxsutawney Phil of the NFL yes, I had to google the spelling, do not judge me. But anyway, I've never met an ape who lied to me and I'm not about to doubt good Eli's sound decisions this time around. He made his pick without any hesitation. That's what I call going with your gut!

 photo Reason3.png
So apparently Seattle has an outspoken defensive player who is pretty well educated and went to Stanford or some smart school like that. I think his name is Robert Sherman. No, it's Richard? Okay Richard. Well Dick is an outstanding player from what I've seen and there's no shame in being passionate about the game you get paid to play. He's been the talk of the nation the last 2 weeks (and maybe more, who really knows) Just look at this guy. 

 photo Reason4.png
Macklemore supports the Seahawks and he won 4 Grammy's last weekend. A Seattle win would put the emerald city in the running for having the best year ever. Or at least best 8 day stretch. Plus Macklemore is so buddy-buddy with the team he calls Pete Carroll "Pete" and Richard Sherman "Sherm."

Oh, and he calls himself the "white Sherman" in this video.

 photo Reason5.png
This reason is the most simple of all. I want the Seahawks to win because I couldn't have come up with 5 reasons why I wanted the Broncos to win! Heyo!

Play me out, Sherman!

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Venus Trapped in Mars


Eva Marie Taylor said...

Now I just want the Seahawks to win to see what gif of Sherman will hit the web next. So funny!
Eva Marie Taylor

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

*Hangs Head in Shame* I've never heard of this Ape you speak of. And you're telling me he picked Seattle?? Ruh Rho. I wonder what Peyton had to say about that?

brooke lyn said...

oh dick! i like you

Katie Elizabeth said...

Haha I've never heard of this ape that picks the Super Bowl winner! Our world is so strange. Have a good weekend!

Whitney Alison said...

I don't know why I love Sherman so much, but I do. So I'm rooting for Seattle.

Lauren said...

I love the Mannings so I'm going for the Broncos! But your reasons are pretty good!