Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Awkward Dance Class Experience

Let me set the scene.

Yesterday I sashayed my way into a dance class at lunch time called "Group Groove".

Looking exactly like Queen B... but in my running tights, a bright blue t-shirt and my lunarglide's.

Add a water bottle and some work colleagues at my sides - we were ready to break it down. All my single ladies?

(ps: dancing is hard enough in tennis shoes)

WITHOUT even a four-count the instructor slapped her hands on her thighs, and everybody in the class started following her moves with all the rhythm and grace of Beyonce herself.

Everyone except for.......Me! Brooke may or may not have requested a video next time.

I consider myself to be a fairly coordinated person, but having no dance background whatsoever I stuck out like a sore thumb. 

It didn't help that I was the tallest female in the class, was wearing a bright t-shirt and was behind the instructor's reflection in the mirror. Give me the shopping cart or the macarena and I'm your girl, but just shake it flashdance style and expect me to follow along?


As the class continued and there were "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight / Harlem Shake" remixes, Macklemore and some other hits I could get down with I started to get a little hang of it. I even was able to pull my Michael Jordan tongue back into my mouth and listen to the beat rather than getting hung up on larry's and randy's (lefts and rights).

As I started to get a little more confidence and realized that I'm in great shape, I got my bearings and feel like I would have a half decent shot at the next class I take. Some of the moves that I did okay with and not limited to are the following:

Brit's Werk Betch:

The Hair Flip:

The Stripper Kick:

The Power Squat:

The Give-It-To-Me Swivel:

and the I Don't Know I'm Just Going to Flail Shake:

But guys I really stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday taking this class. It could have gone so much worse and so much better all at the same time. 

I mean, last week I tried to learn "some" line dancing, why not give booty poppin' a shot?

Here's to coordination and confidence! Maybe some Balance too!  


Lauren said...

I have zero rhythm so I am scared of dance classes but want to live vicariously though you. Keep going and you'll be the Beyonce of the class in no time!

Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon said...

OMG all of these GIFs are priceless. I know you can rock all of those moves- and I love that you tried that class! Wish I could join you in the booty shakin' over at swoosh HQ. You have a good life :)

brooke lyn said...

give it to me swivel. yup

Melissa Suggitt said...

bahaha. i dance like elaine so i feel your pain.

MacKensie said...

hahahaa I love you so hard.

Whitney Alison said...

I love a good dancing class! I wish I could take one at work!!!!!!!