Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TED Tuesday: Time Saving Tech Tips

Say that title five times fast with me and then continue reading.

Today is a quick video and a quick blog - so stick with me! 

There's some times in life when you shouldn't take shortcuts, where you need to take your time, let the course of the universe show you the way and not try to rush past the important things. You shouln't cut corners on things like baking a cake, finding the perfect GIF for a blog post or making a savory paleo meatloaf .

.....But! There's other times where you want to save all the time in the world. Like when you're in front of your laptop, iPad and iPhone (or other tech devices), trying to speed up your work day, maximizing productivity, etc.

Today's TED talk shows you 10 time saving tips (some you may already know) that help you navigate your devices a little easier.  


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brooke lyn said...

like we haven't had answering machines for 45 years!