Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TED Tuesday: Coming Out Of Your Closet

If you are human, you can relate to this inspiring TEDx Talk about coming out of your closet. I know what your preconceptions of this phrase are, but you should really consider coming out of a closet to mean having a hard conversation.

Hard conversations are terrifying. I know this first hand. 

We hate having them, they hurt people, they cause you pain and sometimes the consequences are irreparable. You're concerned about the reactions of loved ones and you're fearful for what they will see you as in the future. It's scary, it's unknown and nothing is a sure thing. 

But you know what? We need to have these conversations and we need to speak our truth. A closet is no place for a person to live and we all need to break through our walls and be unapologetic about our truth. 

At some point in your life you will feel safe in your closet, but please realize that what's on the other side of that wall is where you need to be. As Ash Beckham explains in the video below, a closet is no place for a person to live. As long as you remain in your closet, you are holding a grenade in the palm of your hands. 

So let's do it. Here's three steps and a video on how you can open that closet door.

1: Be Authentic

Take the armor off. Show the other people you're sharing your closet with that you bleed too.

2: Be Direct

Rip that band-aid off. Sometimes the hurt you get from a hard conversation is so hard to stand that you go back on your decision or have regrets. Really like I said yesterday, go with your gut and know that there are better times beyond the closet door. This I promise you.

3: Be Unapologetic

You are speaking your truth. Never apologize for that. Apologize for what you've done but not for who you are.



Melissa Suggitt said...

"if you are a human" dying.

i love these TED talks. inspiring!

Whitney Alison said...

I saw this video about a week ago. I loved it. So real and true. We all have closets, and hard is hard.

brooke lyn said...

never apologize for speaking your truth. --- LOVE

Anonymous said...

God loves you. No matter what awful crap you have done, which by the way the Creator of the universe knows of it all, but he still is waiting to offer you forgiveness. It's crazy, he has seen all of your sin and has chosen anyway to provide a way to rescue you from that through his son Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose again. Crazy to think about. Sometimes we have to have a hard conversation with God. Begging and pleading for forgiveness after the terrible things we have done. He has made a way for forgiveness but he also calls for a change of heart, of mind, of action, of making right things that we know are wrong. Sometimes we have to come out of our closet, to face our life in an authentic and direct way, and instead of being unapologetic, asking for forgiveness, to be saved of our evil desires. Jesus died for you Jessi as well. And he is able to give you complete freedom like you have never known before and work in your life in ways that you could never even dream of. But that comes at a cost, a cost of looking away from yourself and towards Him. Respect yourself and others, for every human was made in the image of God. We don't deserve to be here, but we are. We are nothing at all. We don't deserve God's grace but he offers it to us anyway, we just have to respond. I don't know why but it was just laid on my heart to tell you this. I am praying for you Jessi! And I'm sorry bout Auburn losing, I was pulling for them as well!