Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plot Twist!

If you follow me on social media or if you read this blog every day (even though I only publish once per week lately, you stalker you!) you may have noticed my recent "self love" initiative.

It's been since the New Year that I've focused my energy toward positive output - including happy selfies, positive messages, love of my muscles, love of good weather and love of love.

This love shifted both inward and broadly outward have been smoke signals of me and my heart letting go of someone very close to my heart. Someone who I wish the best for and someone I fantasized doing life with until he showed me what that life was actually going to look like based on reality and facts. Someone who will make everyone around him proud if he realizes the man he has the potential to be. Right now he's the man he wants to be.

That's right, I'm single.

Over the river and through the woods, this crazy train barreled all throughout the land disrupting all in its path. I made a risky investment in love and came up short. Sunk costs keep sinking. He's the one who ended it, probably 4-5 months too late considering the ups and downs of "us".

Pro-tip: always create the break-up playlist during the relationship, not after.

I wrote a ridiculously high-road post glorifying the man I imagined he was, then a sober middle-road edit where I gave probably too many details on the tough stuff, then narrowed it down to this - just because I truly agree that forever-never is the right path for us and everyone around us.

I'd rather wait forever to be with the one who is always doing me good. Doing me good in life, doing me good in love, doing me good in heart and doing me so good in every possible way. No doubt, no question. Fall for the man who would walk 500 miles and then walk 500 more, except that I'd meet him in the middle and we'd find a more efficient way of transportation.

A few lessons for the road before I publish this, turn off the comments and never write about this guy again...again!

If you're scared or tired of what you're scared of - go. 
If you're told "tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes - go. 
If you're told "I'm sorry" more than "you're beautiful" - go.
If you have to ask to be shown love - go. 
If your gut tells you go - go.
If your mom and dad tell you to go - go! (mom you are still always right!)
If you are incapable of using "#howitshouldbe" on social media - go.
If you take off your promise ring for any reason other than to lift heavy things - please just go!

Immature rant: {Hello my southern trolls - I know how tra-la-la-la-la happy you are that ding-dong the witch is gone. Tra-la-la ding-dong back at you in the nicest way possible. This is the best (!!!!happy things!!!!) for everyone and hopefully that means you're done trolling around my world. It seems exhausting. Also - the 'anonymouse' search engine doesn't block your views or the hours you spent reading... #theinternetissmarterthanyouthink #theyseeyoutrollin #themoreyouknow #sorrythatyoucare #saveyourself #callmedontstalkme #trustyourgut #unsolicitedandhonestadvice}