Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Party Tricks

When I was announcing my road trip to see my brother this weekend I mentioned that one of my best and favorite party tricks was a Friday Night Nap. 

While that's very true, I also noticed over the weekend that I am full of aforementioned party tricks. 

They come by the dozens, really. From my witty remarks to my flexibility - if you ever have the pleasure of going out with me in person you'll get to see this side of me. You'll especially get to see this if you're a stranger that I just met at a bar and want you to think I'm the coolest...thing...ever. 

Some of these are embarrassing so they're making it into confessions - but when I've thrown a few beers back I am convinced that these are things that you MUST know about me and OHGAWDMUST know that I can do. 

1. I Regulate

My one and only karaoke song is this. I learned it a long time ago and can do the whole thing without seeing the words - which is why I love to perform it in front a crowd of unsuspecting bystanders who get all jazzed about this tall white girl rapping one of the classics from the 90's.  Then when they find out that I can hook a left on 2-1 and Lewis without hesitation? Well, they lose their minds. Then when I can do it in a setting without any music? Boom - I'm the instant coolest.

2. I ZYX

What's that even mean? No, not examine your zipper (unless I really like you!) It means I show off by saying the alphabet backwards. 

First time slowly, so that it looks like I am really trying, not just memorized.

z - y - x- w - v - u - t - s - r - q - p - o - n - m - l - k - j - i - h - g - f - e - d - c - b - a

Then, when your jaws drop over that, I hit you with it backwards faster than I could even do it forward! 


I learned this one when I used to try to log on to AOL to play Disney games. Don't you dare ever say Dial-Up wasn't good for something!

3. I Backbend

I backbend or do something athletic - like push-ups or show off my pitching routine from the college days. Yes, sometimes I'll even flex the guns if I'm really trying to show off but you guys get to see that on instagram daily. 

In person, I go even deeper into this on my forearms but when I do it as a party trick it's gross because I'm hands, forearms or face on some soggy bar floor. Winner. 

What about you, do you have any party tricks like these? Or are you a normal human being when meeting other normal human beings for the first time? 

Here's some useful party tricks you can actually learn and here's a super-sweet lady you can link up with each and every Wednesday for confessions.

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DeborahYanni said...

Regulate is my jam!!!!! hahahaha Definitely instant coolness for knowing all the words. I don't even know them. lol

P!nky said...

Your backbend is amazing!!! GO YOU!

I am baffled by your backwards abcs.

Helene in Between said...

i would also say that you look flawless! can you come over an do my makeup? your eyeliner is always on point. As are your backbends

Katie Qué said...

I usually just get drunk and yell about how much I love dragons.

Kenzie Smith said...

I cannot think of any party tricks, bah humbug. Sometimes I get lucky and can be a pool shark, unfortunately I suck 80% of the time though.

Melissa Suggitt said...

i can lick my elbow. true story. also, i karaoke ignition (remix) by r. kelly like nobody's business.

also im magic, i disappear from parties. (aka im lame and make an irish exit).

BLovedBoston said...

I'm thoroughly impressed that you can say the alphabet backwards!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Nadine Lynn said...

Hahaha I love that song!!!! And the fact that you can say the alphabet backwards is the coolest thing ever. I certainly can not. And look at you showing off your backbend! I would do that everywhere too if I still could manage to do one haha!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your "Regulate" is my "Ice, Ice, Baby." Respect. And nice wheel! I like to pull out a backbend or headstand or flexibility pose to prove to people that I'm the OMG coolest person ever too. Success rate: TBD.

Alanna @ Alanna and Co said...

Oh my god. I need some party tricks! I don't even think I have one. Yours are awesome. I should learn how to do the IZYX at least.

Kristen said...

i have never heard that song, and i can barely say the alphabet the right way, let alone the backwards way.
i have zero party tricks. i can't even friday night nap anymore, or nap at all - my mind and body are just like nope.

MacKensie said...

I tie knots in cherry stems.. and back bend.. and list all my dad's side's brothers and sisters really quickly: BillyBobbyBarryBuddyBonnieandBell.. oh, and take shots out of dinosaurs obviously.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Such a fun post! Splits are my party trick :)

Kay R. said...

haha I love your party tricks girl!! too funny! I cant say the alphabet backwards but I can say the hail mary in french (years of catholic school)... count as a party trick?

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I think it's time we finally exchanged phone numbers. Because I neeeeeed to get a video of you singing Regulate and snapchap will NOT allot us with enough time. ;P