Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something Weak, Something Strong

No, no, no. Wait who am I? 

I stayed up past my bedtime watching the train wreck that is "The Bachelor" and don't know how to look away.  The guy is such a snore and yet multiple crazy ladies find themselves ugly crying on national TV over how much they're capable of loving him. You don't know him, how do you know how capable you are of loving him or if you'd be willing to move to snoozeville with him? And why do you care who is more compatible with him, or who likes country music more, or who can carry a tune better - as twangy and sideways as it may be. 

Also on another tangent - if you go on that show you have to understand that the guy is going to develop feelings for girls other than you, right? And it's very possible that he's going to latch onto one more than the others, possibly latch onto one other than you, yet still show you signs of affection because he's "playing the game" like all the men before him and all the ladies before him too. 

The drama is cheap, the plot lines are weak, the interviews are punishing - yet somehow I have already dedicated paragraphs to the subject. Bloggers I blame you and twitter I blame you - I shouldn't even know that Monday is the day I can get into this nonsense. 

I'd hate to end there and have you think that all I have to talk about is blah blah blah "The Bachelor".

What else, what else. 

Oh, yesterday was my new favorite #MuscleCrushMonday and I found myself hitting it hard at the gym with one of my favorite hate-to-love, love-to-hate classes. 

The workout included 60 minutes of weighted circuits, stairs and sprints. When I used to take this class years ago I thought I was in shape because I ran 100 miles a month. No, not at all. Now that I pick up heavy things and pick up more heavy things, this class was do-able for me and there's a serious possibility that I'll be able to go again on Wednesday. I used to shy away from this class because it'd leave me unable to move for days - all it did for me last night was pumped me with adrenaline and that's not a bad feeling at all. 

Seriously, lift heavy things and drink water and eat right. You'll love what you feel and love what you'll realize your body is capable of. Oh and your butt will get big and it will become your most prized possession - after your arms that look good in and out of flex mode. 

Thanks for letting me show up two days in a row - I could get re-used to this blogging thing. 


Kathy@RealTalk said...

hell yes. you know i'm a bro at heart so obvs, i fully support lifting all.day.long #obnoxiousaholebros.

i started going to the gym with my friend and now he hates it because after every workout, i make him do battle ropes with me which are my new favorite thing....something my muay thai trainer introduced into my sessions last week that i hate yet love.

P!nky said...

Welcome back, bud!

Heavy lifting is where it's at y'all. So awesome you're kicking but at the gym. It's such a great feeling, right?

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I never got in to watching The Bachelor

Kay R. said...

That kissing devil Chris is just the worst this season... or maybe its the girls (hello Kelsey). Its a train wreck that I cant stop watching but man its cringeworthy this season.

Also go you for all the weight lifting. I love cardio personally and have to up my weight lifting game because I suck.

Kristen said...

i don't watch the bachelor, i just can't get into shows like that. however, if it was on - yep, car accident i just can't look away.
it's like property brothers - i watch episodes and episodes and its the same every time - show them a house they cant afford, they're shocked at the price, they really don't want to do renovations, they get a fixer upper, renovations chaos ensues, oh my gosh dream home in our budget - i can't stop watching even though it just blows my mind with the people being all like 'no renovations!' i'm like don't you know what show you are on?!
yay picking up heavy things.

MakeMeUpMia said...

I need my get to get bigger haha! Well, firming, that's what I'm working on ;) Losing 45 lbs after you carried most of it in your butt & hips results in loose skin. Ugh. I used to watch The Bachelor but I just don't have time for tv anymore!

Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz said...

Ugh, I need these toned arms you speak of like yesterday. Also I've never been able to force myself to watch The Bachelor, which is probably a good thing because I know I'd get hooked!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I have no idea why I watch the trainwreck that is The Bachelor but I honestly can't look away! Even my husband watches it with me, ha! At least we have Better Call Saul for some quality programming ;)

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

hahaha and I love this (bc the bachelor will always be my guilty pleasure until i'm at least 80 if ABC will keep running it!) You're 100% though!! Have a great day lady! xoxo

Nadine Lynn said...

I hate the bachelor so I skipped through the first half, love you mean it though. Sounds like you are a bad ass in the gym with all of the heavy things though! Lifting is my favorite type of work out. If I could love cardio as much, I would be set! Do you even lift bro?

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

He was a snoozer on the last one. I am glad to hear the girls are crazier than ever though ;-)

Melissa Suggitt said...

k but does it not make you feel so much better about your own life watching it?

i find myself repeating this exact phrase approx. 20 times an episode "you fucking LITERALLY signed up for this you crazy bitch"

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I haven't watched The Bachelor since the middle of Juan Pablo's season. He completely ruined it for me. And that's pretty hard seeing as it was already a terrible show! lol