Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lighter Fare

It's Wednesday and I'm ready for something a little less heavy to share with you!

First of all, I've missed the weekly Cohabitation posts and I'm sure you have too. Expect to see me get back on track this Friday with some fun you've missed since Dan and I moved in together. Also expect to be flooded with my life, via instagram.

I've been doing a great job with prepping my meals on the weekend for easy grab & go tupperware containers for my busy schedule. I've enjoyed sharing my daily eats with my instagram followers and think you should see a round up of what my co-workers get to see and smell everyday exactly at around noon.

You'll see a lot of protein, a lot of veggies and a lot of yummy grains + legumes. Main ingredients used, depending on the mix:

Meal 1

Meal 2

This meal gives me a lot of energy for my afternoon workouts, makes me excited to take a moment away from my desk to allow my taste buds to savor the creation and never ever gets boring. Ever.  You should really give weekend meal prep a try, it's been making a serious impact on my leisure time and even the way that my co-workers perceive me.

Then I know you'd all love to see what I've been wearing lately:

Mom once again floors me with an amazing pair of Tom's Tribal's, gifted for Valentine's Day! I've been playing around with my hair a little more lately, but typically default to my thick 2" curler or sticking a sock in it every now and then.

Come back tomorrow for some hearts and loving as we throwback on a special valentine's Thursday!

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

your instas have officially gotten me back on the quinoa kick! so thanks for that!

Jessi said...

It's the mother of all grains!! So easy!