Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Puppy Love

It's been so fun to hear from all of you who have golden retrievers, have a special place in your heart for goldens or just love seeing the happy faces of goldens!

I'm about to support that love and share some puppy photos from way back (18 months ago) when Bailey was just a young pup.

It's been very weird for our family to compare photos of Bailey to the size that Bella is now and then to think of how quickly Bailey became full grown. Looking back into my camera roll I see the transformation from baby to young adult and feel like time was lost with how it happened so suddenly. This time around I want to make sure that I don't miss Bella's journey from puppy to adult. I have a fancy camera so I might as well get some quality shots this spring while I watch her double in size month after month. Lucky for you guys, you get to follow along with me this time!

I then think about how hard it must be for my brother to only interact with our sisters once every 4-6 months for short amounts of time. This weekend will be very important for all of us to enjoy how sweet and little Bella is before she no longer needs assistance to hop up on the couch but watching her try is the BEST!

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by adorable puppies and how cute they are as they grow up!

And just like that, our sweet Bailey is full grown (but still 100% puppy). Don't miss out while Bella goes from pup to princess!

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

they just grow up so fast :) #cuteemergency

Jessi said...

Way too fast - you must meet Bella as a puppy - are you FB friends yet?!

Raud said...

So cute.