Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Love in All the Right Places

Today is Valentine's Day and I've never been more in love. My sweetheart sent me two dozen roses in gorgeous colors to work on Tuesday and everyone in my work pod was excited, oohing and aahing and wishing they had someone in their life as sweet, thoughtful and ahead of the game like my dearest Daniel.

It's amazing to think of how we began our courtship with a playful attitude and nearly stayed in the dreaded friend-zone when things took a turn for the best and we watched our high fives turn into hugs, hugs turn into kisses and eye contact melt into deep soul contact. It's a wonderful feeling that caught me by surprise and continues to rest comfortably on my heart every day.

Something you may not know is that this is our third Valentine's day together. The very first year (2011) Dan prepared a home cooked meal that we enjoyed by candlelight with a bottle of red wine before he was even a fan and I remember being sad because I was starting to get a cold, didn't want him to get sick, and actually sat on the other couch while watching Inception for the first time. I'm sure he was disappointed but since I kept talking to him he never gave up hope.

This was his response to a silly-faced photo I sent him in May 2011

Our second Valentine's day together we went to Bugatti's in Beaverton to avoid a long wait or a pre-selected menu and enjoyed amazing bread + olive oil, a pizza and a bottle of red wine that kept us fed over the two hours we sat at the table looking into each other's eyes, giggling about it being our second valentine's together and when he could meet my little sister, Bailey! (For the record, he met miss Bailey two days later at puppy class!)

We then had an amazing year that followed, starting off by being honest with ourselves and being open to what our relationship meant to each of us. We started over, we approached each other with fresh eyes, we let the world know that we were officially a couple, we shared I love you's for the first time, spent quality time with my family and as you know, moved in together. It's been one of my greatest years yet.

Our third valentine's together is already perfect without the day even starting. We woke up early, grabbed a coffee on our way to work and I can't wait to see him again this evening. Special, just like always. I celebrate my love for him every day and wish I had the conversation hearts every day of the year too and I'm pretty confident that he feels the same way about me :)

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a man who borrowed my heart two years ago and I've never asked for it back:

His first V-Day card to me^

<3 JE


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