Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Miles Later

I'd like to say that we had a pretty lazy weekend, but when I look back and remember feel that I ran 10 miles Friday night and 10 miles again on Sunday morning I really can't make that claim. Portland had glimpses of good weather this weekend and somehow I found those windows and took advantage. Also, that means I've already knocked out two of four 10 miles runs for February.

If we're honest, what I enjoyed the most about this weekend was having no plans and listening to what swept over me at the moment.  My only true plans were to get to 33 running miles for the month, grocery shop to re-stock the staples needed for Sunday night meal prep and watch the return of The Walking Dead that I've been anticipating for months now. With ease, all three were accomplished and I still had the chance to start a book about leadership that I remember enjoying in college. More on that topic soon.

I want to encourage everyone to go over to Brooke's post from last week about her famous Fresh Veggie Salsa - since that's what Dan and I are planning to enjoy in almost every meal together for the remainder of the week. I'm going to show you photos of my process. but force you to link to her page for the master recipe!

In addition to cooking and cleaning up a storm, I was proud of  Dan for seizing the opportunity to get his first round of golf in for the year (outside of the simulator). It's one of his biggest passions in life and even though I'm horrible at it I still need to encourage him to play and understand that it's an outlet for him similar to how running and blogging are outlets for me.

We stayed up way too late last night watching the previous, the new and the recap shows that The Walking Dead series had to offer. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

<3 JE


Brookelyn said...

you're making me feel lazy and I even got a spin class in.... also proud of you for making the salsa :)

Week 6: Cohabitation | JESSI EVEN said...

[...] Other amazing eats have all taken place on the weekends and mostly in the form of breakfast. We won’t be able to enjoy breakfast together this weekend unfortunately because Dan will have to go in for work one and hopefully not two days – which makes me sad. What makes me really happy was this ultra tasty scramble that again he whipped up and had ready for me on Sunday after my 10 miler. [...]