Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 6: Cohabitation

I know you've missed this post topic... I've missed writing it!

I also know that you just had an earful from me yesterday about how my love for Daniel has evolved over the past few years, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing left to talk about in our adventures together with cohabitation.

First of all, Dan and I have both been working very hard lately and are finding it difficult to get everything done in the week. Looking at my running log the majority of my mileage has been on the weekends and will need to continue being that way - which really makes it difficult in this short month! Having this feeling of a time constraint made us a little reluctant to go out and celebrate so we opted for a wonderful candlelight dinner at home and made our Lent commitment that we are giving up eating dinner in front of the TV! This is a huge goal for us and I'm looking forward to making more eye contact with my sweetie and making every meal special with him.

Remember when I stood behind him saying that he could cook? Bam:

I didn't even have to lift a finger!

Other amazing eats have all taken place on the weekends and mostly in the form of breakfast. We won't be able to enjoy breakfast together this weekend unfortunately because Dan will have to go in for work one and hopefully not two days - which makes me sad. What makes me really happy was this ultra tasty scramble that again he whipped up and had ready for me on Sunday after my 10 miler.

Other eats included pancakes to celebrate national pancake day and made use of the rest of the Otto's meats that we had remaining from the Super Bowl!!

I've failed to write to one of the favorite parts of my last two weeks - last Thursday's meal with my mom, dad, Bailey and Dan. We arrived to their house in the evening after a long day of work and were instantly greeted by the smiling and silly face of sister Bailey who is in love with my man and shows no shame for it. We entered the kitchen that smelled of lasagna, there were wine glasses set at the table and tasty olive bread + salad among different serving utensils that Dan had gifted my mom for Christmas.

My mom makes the most incredible lasagna and the photo you see below does not do it justice. I couldn't even put my fork down to show you all of the wonderful layers of veggies, noodles, ricotta cheese and lean meats. I have a feeling that I'm going to need to make it for Dan soon or he will leave me to find someone else who can.

You will also see the precious face below of Miss Purple who is the current topic of conversation around the house as mom weighs out the thought of keeping Bailey as her one and only daughter living in the house or if she wants to add the beautiful half-sister of Bailey yet to be named. More to come on that - I'm waiting on the edge of my seat!

I think she'd fit in perfectly! 

Since you also haven't seen any living-together updates from me I'm happy to announce that Tiger is still lively and swimming around without a care. His favorites are displaying for Dan and I when we put our fingers over his water (flaring his gills!), sleeping on top of the heater, chasing us around for pellets, blowing bubbles and looking beautiful. Dan and I are very happy that we adopted him and think of him often.

We seem to live for the weekends lately and this is absolutely no exception. I've got some running to get after to catch up for the month, focus on some of my Eight Great Goals, catch up on some rest and do a lot more of this:

<3 JE

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