Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When Opportunity Knocks

We've all faced challenges in our lives.

Some challenges haunt you, some challenges you welcome with wild ambition and some push you past a point you've never explored and didn't expect to reach toward until you were the older, more poised and confident version of yourself.

All of these challenges, successes and failures, have shaped the exact person who stares back at you in the mirror each morning.

Is this an impossible climb or a rush of adrenaline?

I'd like to think that I've climbed some pretty big mountains in my past and each time that I have it's given me strength and energy to climb the next with confidence and purpose.

In my life I've been doubted, I've been envied, I've been turned down, I've been encouraged, I've been betrayed, I've been loved, I've been fooled, I've been trusted.

Memories of triumphant moments give me hope and strength, but the scars left in the wake of my failures are what nightmares are made of.

In the past few days I've been digesting some news coming up on the horizon in my career that has tested every emotion in my body. Fear, excitement, giggles, tears, headaches, ambition, acceptance, courage, defeat, desire. Even more than last week, I feel like my world has been turned upside-down.

I feel empowered yet inadequate.

I feel opportunity through ambiguity.

I feel a tremendous weight on my shoulders.

I feel enveloped in support.

I feel ready, hungry, eager.

This is what I've worked toward and this is what I've earned.


<3 JE


uprootfromoregon said...

I love your inspirational posts. Thank you for the beautiful tree picture too!!

Jessi said...

Thank you, :) :)

Brookelyn said...

i want more deets!!!

catwomanpeg said...


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