Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Restaurant Review | The Original Taco House

Do you have that restaurant that reminds you of everything good in the world? The restaurant that was your reward after a big win, or your destination for a special birthday party. A place where you can go and see a familiar face each and every time you visit? For me, that restaurant in Portland is The Original Taco House. Authentic Mexican flare, comfortable neighborhood vibe, great eats without getting away with the "hole in the wall" ambiance and mostly importantly: no shortage on tortilla chips... ever!

Original Taco House has been a family staple for years and it was one of the first places that I showed Dan when he first started to court me. We have continued to return and enjoy it more and more each time we go back. I always dream that OTH is a well kept secret close to my heart and my family, but when I see how packed it was last Friday night I know that it's no fluke they've comfortably thrived for 53 years in PDX.

What We Drank:

2 El Bravo's ($9.50 each)

A wonderful mix of six liquors and juices garnished with fresh orange wedges, lime wedges and maraschino cherries. Served in a big bowl with even bigger straws. Dan and I choose the evenings carefully when we think we can handle one two of these.

What We Ate:

Tostada Regulario ($7.45)

Lettuce, grilled chicken, black beans (substituted), tomatoes, cheddar cheese - all piled atop a yellow corn tortilla flat. Add the house dressing and you're set for an amazing meal.

I don't even look at the menu anymore. I know that I can never finish this salad on my own and I'm happy that it's become one of Dan's favorites as well.

Chips + Salsa (free and unlimited)

One minute you see them, the next you don't. Good news is a refill is on it's way in minutes!

Know Before You Go:

  • They cater and their fresh salsas can be found in a grocery near you

  • Happy Hour Daily; 3-6pm and 9-close.

  • I've heard rumors of some excellent lunch specials.

  • If the restaurant is busy and you're 21+, head to the Cantina.

  • Save room for their mouthwatering (AND FREE) cinnamon cookies at the end of your meal.

  • Locations: 3550 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR // 3255 NE 82nd Ave Portland, OR

  • Hours: All days 11am-10pm

  • If you know anyone in Southeast, expect to see them there.

I'll see you there!

<3 JE


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