Monday, February 25, 2013

Not One Square to Spare

If you were able to follow along a little bit last week you'd know it was a rough one. To sum it up in one photo, this one would paint the best picture. Too little, too late.

Can Anyone Spare a Square?

This was actually a photo Dan sent me last week (i assume after messily doing his business) and it was so fitting for everything we were going through. Long hours at work, car troubles, under-achieved workouts and sleep deprivation.

It's over, I'm over it. This is our week, I can feel it! 

We had a much better weekend than last. I was able to knock out 14 miles (7 Saturday, 7 Sunday and planned for 6 this morning with no success) and am on my way to victory with only 22 remaining before Thursday at midnight. Sadly I didn't get to enjoy my massage as planned, but had a wonderful weekend spending quality time with mom, dad and sister Bailey.

Things are looking up; brother is in the USA, in the same time zone and we have a great weekend planned just a few days away. I also have some exciting news to share (maybe tomorrow!) and from that news you can expect to see a lot more cuteness going on around here! Just give me a moment to get some photos together... I promise I won't disappoint!

To kick off the week, Dan made fresh Portabella Mushroom burgers on wheat buns, topped with avocado, lettuce and all the best spices. Portabella's are hearty and healthy and can be the perfect disguise for a healthy yet satisfying meal. It's a mature mushroom - seasoned and sophisticated.

Happy Monday to all!

<3 JE


We Are 2Fit2 Quit said...

I love the portabello bread idea...its always been a fave! Enjoy your time with your brother.

Jessi said...

Thank you! :)

Brookelyn said...

womp womp. running out of TP is the worst.

Jessi said...

So happy it was him and not me - the story after the photo was taken is even better!

Ashley said...

Sounds yummy! I made portabella mushroom pizzas the other day (using the mushroom as the crust). They were surprisingly good and filling :-)