Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Brother Visits Home

Growing up I never knew what the future held for my brother. He always had dreams, he always had ambition, he always was the one who was going places.

I didn't see him living in Portland forever, but never ever did I think he'd move away to Europe for an extended amount of time and only see him for two to three weeks (max) out of the year! I feel bad that we don't talk more, but most of that is each of our demanding schedules and the fact that he's a few time zones ahead of me, making my noon his 9pm! Yikes! For now, he catches up on my life the same way I catch everyone else up - this blog!

I am SO excited that he will be in the USA this upcoming week (in Seattle), then coming down to see our family and maybe a new family member added to the mix and continue to get to know Dan. Even though it's only been three months since I saw him last, a lot has changed in my world and from what I've heard of his life he's experiencing some changes too. I consider our family very close and not seeing him for months can feel like years.

The last time brother was home it was during the Thanksgiving holiday and I was able to take a good amount of work off to hang out with him at the beach, spend time with him at home and attend his famous Fakesgiving get-together. I've missed him a lot and this time around I unfortunately won't be able to take the time off of work, but you can bet that I'll be visiting home, staying up way past my bedtime and making sacrifices to make the most of his time home. I'm also excited to learn a little more about the special lady he's dating - apparently she makes him pretty happy!

This Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the fun times that my brother and I have had together, through the good, the bad ...and some of the worst fashion trends!

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